What Is Another Way to Say “Ask for Help”?

Looking for synonyms for ask for help? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say ask for help.

  • Seek assistance
  • Request support
  • Solicit aid
  • Appeal for help
  • Inquire for assistance
  • Petition for aid
  • Beseech support
  • Implore for help
  • Plead for assistance
  • Entreat for support
  • Look for help
  • Search for aid
  • Reach out for assistance
  • Call for support
  • Summon aid

Want to learn how to say ask for help professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Seek Assistance

Used when actively looking for help, often in a professional context.
Example: “If you encounter any technical issues, please seek assistance from the IT department.”

2. Request Support

Appropriate for formally asking for help or backing in various situations.
Example: “We need to request support from the headquarters for the upcoming project.”

3. Solicit Aid

Used when seeking help, usually in a more urgent or earnest manner.
Example: “The team decided to solicit aid from a more experienced department.”

4. Appeal for Help

Suitable for situations where there is a need to make a serious and urgent request for assistance.
Example: “The manager had to appeal for help to meet the tight deadline.”

5. Inquire for Assistance

Used when asking if help is available, often in a polite or tentative manner.
Example: “Can we inquire for assistance from the legal team for this contract?”

6. Petition for Aid

Appropriate for a formal request for assistance, often in writing.
Example: “The committee decided to petition for aid from industry experts.”

7. Beseech Support

Used for earnestly or eagerly asking for support, often in a more emotional or urgent context.
Example: “She beseeched support from her colleagues to complete the critical task.”

8. Implore for Help

Suitable for situations where one is asking for help with a sense of urgency or desperation.
Example: “The team leader implored for help to resolve the unexpected crisis.”

9. Plead for Assistance

Used when urgently requesting help, often in a situation of distress or difficulty.
Example: “The project manager had to plead for assistance to secure additional resources.”

10. Entreat for Support

Appropriate for earnestly asking for support, often in a formal or serious context.
Example: “He entreated for support from the board for his innovative initiative.”

11. Look for Help

Used when searching for assistance in a more general or informal manner.
Example: “We need to look for help to streamline our workflow efficiently.”

12. Search for Aid

Appropriate for actively looking for assistance, often in a more determined or thorough way.
Example: “The department began to search for aid to update their software systems.”

13. Reach Out for Assistance

Suitable for making an effort to get help, often implying a proactive step.
Example: “The manager reached out for assistance to industry partners for the collaborative project.”

14. Call for Support

Used when there is a need to formally or publicly ask for support or assistance.
Example: “The CEO called for support from all employees to implement the new strategy.”

15. Summon Aid

Appropriate for urgently or authoritatively asking for help, often in critical situations.
Example: “During the network outage, the IT manager had to summon aid from external service providers.”

Linda Brown