What Is Another Way to Say “In House”?

Looking for synonyms for in house? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in house.

  • Internal
  • On-site
  • In-office
  • On-premises
  • Within the company
  • Inside the organization
  • Intra-company
  • Intra-organizational
  • Domestic
  • Company-wide
  • Organizational
  • Homegrown
  • In-department
  • Intra-firm
  • Workplace-based
  • Intra-office
  • In-company
  • In-corporation
  • In-business
  • Office-internal

Want to learn how to say in house professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Internal

Appropriate Use: ‘Internal’ refers to something happening or located within an organization.
Example: “The internal audit was conducted by our own finance department.”

2. On-site

Appropriate Use: ‘On-site’ indicates something taking place within the premises of an organization.
Example: “We provide on-site training for all new employees.”

3. In-office

Appropriate Use: ‘In-office’ is used for activities or processes happening within the physical office space.
Example: “The in-office workshops are designed to enhance team collaboration.”

4. On-premises

Appropriate Use: ‘On-premises’ describes something located on the property of the organization.
Example: “All our manufacturing is done on-premises to ensure quality.”

5. Within the company

Appropriate Use: ‘Within the company’ refers to activities or resources available inside the company.
Example: “Career advancement opportunities are encouraged within the company.”

6. Inside the organization

Appropriate Use: ‘Inside the organization’ suggests activities or processes that occur within the organizational structure.
Example: “We prioritize handling customer complaints inside the organization.”

7. Intra-company

Appropriate Use: ‘Intra-company’ is used for activities or transactions occurring between divisions within the same company.
Example: “The intra-company conference brings together leaders from all branches.”

8. Intra-organizational

Appropriate Use: ‘Intra-organizational’ refers to something occurring within or involving members of the same organization.
Example: “The intra-organizational survey aims to assess employee satisfaction.”

9. Domestic

Appropriate Use: ‘Domestic’ in a business context can refer to operations or transactions within the same country, often within the same company.
Example: “The company focuses on strengthening its domestic operations.”

10. Company-wide

Appropriate Use: ‘Company-wide’ describes something that applies to or affects the entire company.
Example: “We are implementing a company-wide policy change next month.”

11. Organizational

Appropriate Use: ‘Organizational’ pertains to the organization as a whole.
Example: “Organizational restructuring will enhance our operational efficiency.”

12. Homegrown

Appropriate Use: ‘Homegrown’ refers to something originating or developed within the organization itself.
Example: “Our homegrown talent has been integral to our success.”

13. In-department

Appropriate Use: ‘In-department’ suggests something taking place within a specific department of an organization.
Example: “The in-department training focuses on specialized skills.”

14. Intra-firm

Appropriate Use: ‘Intra-firm’ is used for activities or transactions occurring within the same firm.
Example: “The intra-firm mentorship program has been very successful.”

15. Workplace-based

Appropriate Use: ‘Workplace-based’ refers to activities or initiatives that occur in the workplace.
Example: “Our workplace-based health initiatives have improved employee wellbeing.”

16. Intra-office

Appropriate Use: ‘Intra-office’ describes something occurring within or between the offices of an organization.
Example: “The intra-office competition aims to boost creativity and innovation.”

17. In-company

Appropriate Use: ‘In-company’ pertains to actions or policies within a specific company.
Example: “The in-company training program is tailored to our specific operational needs.”

18. In-corporation

Appropriate Use: ‘In-corporation’ refers to activities or processes happening within a corporation.
Example: “In-corporation development programs have improved our leadership pipeline.”

19. In-business

Appropriate Use: ‘In-business’ suggests something occurring within the business or commercial context of an organization.
Example: “Our in-business sustainability practices are setting industry standards.”

20. Office-internal

Appropriate Use: ‘Office-internal’ is used for things that are restricted to or happening within the office environment.
Example: “The office-internal survey will gather feedback on the new workflow.”

Linda Brown