What Is Another Way to Say “As Needed”?

Looking for synonyms for as needed? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as needed.

  • As required
  • On demand
  • When necessary
  • As appropriate
  • If necessary
  • Per necessity
  • Where needed
  • As the situation demands
  • According to need
  • On an as-needed basis
  • Whenever required
  • If needed
  • When called for
  • As circumstances dictate
  • Depending on the circumstances
  • As occasion arises
  • To the extent necessary
  • On a case-by-case basis
  • In response to demand
  • As the need arises

Want to learn how to say as needed professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. As required

Used to indicate action taken when it is necessary according to rules, regulations, or situations.
Example: “Adjust the budget allocations as required based on project developments.”

2. On demand

Suitable for responding or acting when requested or needed.
Example: “The technical support team provides assistance on demand.”

3. When necessary

Used to indicate action is taken only if it becomes necessary.
Example: “Escalate the issue to management when necessary.”

4. As appropriate

Appropriate for taking action that suits the particular circumstances.
Example: “Apply discounts as appropriate to retain valuable customers.”

5. If necessary

Used to indicate a conditional action that may or may not be required.
Example: “Revise the proposal if necessary to meet the client’s expectations.”

6. Per necessity

Suitable for actions that are dictated by need or requirement.
Example: “Increase the workforce per necessity during peak seasons.”

7. Where needed

Used to indicate action in areas or situations where it is required.
Example: “Provide additional training where needed to improve skills.”

8. As the situation demands

Appropriate for actions that change according to the specific needs of a situation.
Example: “Adapt the marketing strategy as the situation demands.”

9. According to need

Used for actions that are dictated by specific requirements or needs.
Example: “Allocate resources according to need to optimize efficiency.”

10. On an as-needed basis

Suitable for actions that are taken only when there is a necessity.
Example: “Hire additional contractors on an as-needed basis.”

11. Whenever required

Used for actions that are to be taken any time they become necessary.
Example: “Update the software whenever required to ensure security.”

12. If needed

Appropriate for actions that may be necessary under certain conditions.
Example: “Extend the meeting if needed to cover all agenda items.”

13. When called for

Used to indicate actions that are taken when a situation specifically requires it.
Example: “Implement cost-cutting measures when called for.”

14. As circumstances dictate

Suitable for actions that depend on the particular conditions or situations.
Example: “Change the business strategy as circumstances dictate.”

15. Depending on the circumstances

Used for actions that vary based on different situations or conditions.
Example: “Offer flexible working hours depending on the circumstances.”

16. As occasion arises

Appropriate for actions that are taken as specific situations or occasions occur.
Example: “Hold team-building events as occasion arises.”

17. To the extent necessary

Used to indicate actions are taken to the level or degree required.
Example: “To the extent necessary, we will invest in new technologies.”

18. On a case-by-case basis

Suitable for actions that are decided individually, rather than according to a fixed plan.
Example: “Customer complaints are handled on a case-by-case basis.”

19. In response to demand

Used for actions that are taken in reaction to a need or request.
Example: “Increase production capacity in response to demand.”

20. As the need arises

Appropriate for actions taken whenever a particular need becomes apparent.
Example: “Conduct training sessions as the need arises.”

Linda Brown