What Is Another Way to Say “Not to Mention”?

Looking for synonyms for not to mention? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say not to mention.

  • Let alone
  • To say nothing of
  • Not to speak of
  • Besides
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • Plus
  • Additionally
  • As well as
  • Coupled with

Want to learn how to say not to mention professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Let Alone

Used to introduce a more extreme or unlikely scenario after a less extreme one.
Example: “We don’t have enough time to complete our current tasks, let alone start new ones.”

2. To Say Nothing of

Appropriate for emphasizing additional factors while not diminishing the importance of the first.
Example: “The software improves efficiency, to say nothing of the cost savings it provides.”

3. Not to Speak of

Used to add emphasis to a statement by introducing an additional point.
Example: “Their expertise in marketing is exceptional, not to speak of their customer service skills.”

4. Besides

Suitable for adding extra information, often as an afterthought or a secondary point.
Example: “We need to update our equipment. Besides, the current models are becoming obsolete.”

5. Moreover

Used to add further information that supports or emphasizes a point.
Example: “The project is behind schedule, and moreover, it’s over budget.”

6. Furthermore

Appropriate for adding more information or a further argument to support a point.
Example: “This strategy will enhance our market share; furthermore, it will improve our brand recognition.”

7. Plus

Used informally to add an additional point or detail.
Example: “He’s highly qualified for the position, plus he has extensive experience in a similar role.”

8. Additionally

Suitable for introducing an additional fact or argument.
Example: “The company has seen increased profits this quarter. Additionally, customer satisfaction has improved.”

9. As Well As

Used to mention another item connected with the subject being discussed.
Example: “She is responsible for managing the team, as well as overseeing all project budgets.”

10. Coupled with

Appropriate for introducing an additional factor that is related to or enhances the first.
Example: “The new software, coupled with upgraded hardware, will significantly improve our processing speeds.”

Linda Brown