What Is Another Way to Say “As Opposed To”?

Looking for synonyms for as opposed to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as opposed to.

  • Rather than
  • Instead of
  • In contrast to
  • Contrary to
  • Unlike
  • Differing from
  • In comparison with
  • As distinct from
  • Other than
  • Versus
  • Opposed to
  • In place of
  • Compared to
  • In lieu of
  • Against
  • Dissimilar to
  • As an alternative to
  • On the contrary to
  • In opposition to
  • Distinct from

Want to learn how to say as opposed to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Rather than

Used to indicate a preference for one thing over another.
Example: “The company focuses on quality rather than quantity.”

2. Instead of

Suitable for suggesting a substitute or alternative.
Example: “We used digital marketing strategies instead of traditional advertising.”

3. In contrast to

Used to draw a distinction between two different things.
Example: “In contrast to last year’s figures, our profits have increased significantly.”

4. Contrary to

Appropriate for indicating opposition or difference.
Example: “Contrary to the competitor’s approach, we prioritize customer service.”

5. Unlike

Used to highlight a difference in comparison with something else.
Example: “Unlike our competitors, we offer a more personalized service.”

6. Differing from

Suitable for showing how one thing is different from another.
Example: “Differing from the initial plan, the project scope has expanded.”

7. In comparison with

Used to compare one thing with another.
Example: “Our prices are lower in comparison with industry standards.”

8. As distinct from

Appropriate for distinguishing one thing from another.
Example: “As distinct from our earlier model, the new design is more user-friendly.”

9. Other than

Used to indicate an exception or an alternative.
Example: “The meeting is open to everyone, other than non-members.”

10. Versus

Suitable for comparing two opposing or contrasting entities.
Example: “It’s a choice between cost efficiency versus speed of delivery.”

11. Opposed to

Used to show opposition or contrast.
Example: “Opposed to outsourcing, we prefer to develop talent in-house.”

12. In place of

Appropriate for indicating a substitute or replacement.
Example: “We used a virtual conference in place of the usual annual meeting.”

13. Compared to

Used for showing similarities or differences when considering two things.
Example: “The new software, compared to the old one, offers more features.”

14. In lieu of

Suitable for suggesting something is done as a substitute or alternative.
Example: “In lieu of bonuses, the company offered additional vacation days.”

15. Against

Used to indicate contrast or opposition.
Example: “The team decided against the proposed merger.”

16. Dissimilar to

Appropriate for highlighting differences.
Example: “Dissimilar to our previous campaign, this one is more targeted.”

17. As an alternative to

Used to suggest a different option or choice.
Example: “As an alternative to layoffs, the company proposed salary reductions.”

18. On the contrary to

Suitable for contradicting or opposing a previous statement or idea.
Example: “On the contrary to popular belief, the product is designed for all age groups.”

19. In opposition to

Used to indicate a stance or position against something.
Example: “In opposition to the proposed regulation, the industry leaders voiced their concerns.”

20. Distinct from

Appropriate for showing clear difference or distinction.
Example: “The role of a manager is distinct from that of a team leader.”

Linda Brown