What Is Another Way to Say “As a Whole”?

Looking for synonyms for as a whole? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as a whole.

  • Entirely
  • Altogether
  • Completely
  • Wholly
  • In total
  • Collectively
  • On the whole
  • In sum
  • In aggregate
  • In toto
  • All things considered
  • Overall
  • Cumulatively
  • All in all
  • As a sum

Want to learn how to say as a whole professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Entirely

Appropriate Use: When referring to something in its complete form or extent.
Example: The project was entirely funded by the company, covering all necessary resources.

2. Altogether

Appropriate Use: To indicate a total or combined effect.
Example: The team worked altogether seamlessly to achieve the quarterly targets.

3. Completely

Appropriate Use: When something is fully or thoroughly done.
Example: The system upgrade was completely successful without any major interruptions.

4. Wholly

Appropriate Use: To emphasize the full extent or entirety of something.
Example: The new policy was wholly accepted by all departments.

5. In total

Appropriate Use: To represent the sum or aggregate.
ExampleIn total, the project cost amounted to $2 million.

6. Collectively

Appropriate Use: When emphasizing the combined effort or result of a group.
Example: The team collectively decided to prioritize the client’s urgent request.

7. On the whole

Appropriate Use: To give a general or overall view.
ExampleOn the whole, the fiscal year ended positively for our company.

8. In sum

Appropriate Use: To summarize or conclude a list of points.
ExampleIn sum, the new strategy will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

9. In aggregate

Appropriate Use: To describe the total combined amount.
Example: The investments, in aggregate, yielded a higher return than expected.

10. In toto

Appropriate Use: To indicate something taken in its entirety.
Example: The report was accepted in toto by the board of directors.

11. All things considered

Appropriate Use: To sum up after considering all aspects or facts.
ExampleAll things considered, merging with the other company is our best option.

12. Overall

Appropriate Use: To discuss something as a whole, considering all elements.
ExampleOverall, the team performance this quarter was outstanding.

13. Cumulatively

Appropriate Use: When referring to the total effect of individual elements added together.
Example: The small cost-saving measures, cumulatively, had a significant impact on the budget.

14. All in all

Appropriate Use: As a summary, considering everything.
ExampleAll in all, the conference was a huge success and greatly benefited our networking.

15. As a sum

Appropriate Use: To describe a total composed of different parts.
Example: The project, as a sum of its many parts, was a testament to our team’s versatility.

Linda Brown