What Is Another Way to Say “In Accordance With”?

Looking for synonyms for in accordance with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in accordance with.

  • In compliance with
  • In conformity with
  • As per
  • Following
  • In line with
  • According to
  • Consistent with
  • In agreement with
  • Conforming to
  • In keeping with
  • Per
  • In observance of
  • As dictated by
  • Based on
  • Under the terms of

Want to learn how to say in accordance with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. In Compliance With

Appropriate Use: Suitable for legal or regulatory contexts where adherence to rules or standards is essential.
Example: The new safety procedures were developed in compliance with federal regulations.

2. In Conformity With

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations requiring adherence to certain rules, standards, or norms.
Example: All our products are manufactured in conformity with international quality standards.

3. As Per

Appropriate Use: Commonly used for following instructions, guidelines, or specified conditions.
Example: Please process the payment as per the terms outlined in the contract.

4. Following

Appropriate Use: Suitable for indicating actions or procedures that come after or as a result of something.
Example: Following the new guidelines, we have updated our training program.

5. In Line With

Appropriate Use: Used when actions or policies are consistent with certain expectations or regulations.
Example: The company’s environmental policy is in line with global sustainability goals.

6. According to

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for actions or decisions based on a specific source or authority.
Example: According to company policy, all employees must complete annual ethics training.

7. Consistent With

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations where actions or beliefs are in harmony with others.
Example: Our investment strategy is consistent with the market analysis.

8. In Agreement With

Appropriate Use: Suitable for actions or decisions that conform to a mutual understanding or contract.
Example: The project plan was developed in agreement with the client’s requirements.

9. Conforming to

Appropriate Use: Used for actions or processes that adhere to certain standards or norms.
Example: The construction materials are conforming to industry safety standards.

10. In Keeping With

Appropriate Use: Ideal for actions that are suitable or appropriate for a particular situation or context.
Example: The office decor is in keeping with the company’s brand image.

11. Per

Appropriate Use: Common in formal business communications, indicating accordance with something.
Example: All employees are entitled to benefits per the terms of their employment agreement.

12. In Observance Of

Appropriate Use: Suitable for actions taken to honor or comply with something, such as a tradition or law.
Example: The event was held in observance of the new health and safety protocols.

13. As Dictated By

Appropriate Use: Used when actions are guided or determined by specific rules or authority.
Example: The financial reporting was completed as dictated by the new regulations.

14. Based On

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for actions or decisions made on the basis of certain information or evidence.
Example: The marketing campaign was adjusted based on customer feedback.

15. Under the Terms Of

Appropriate Use: Suitable for actions or conditions that are subject to the stipulations of an agreement or contract.
Example: The partnership will operate under the terms of the newly signed agreement.

Linda Brown