What Is Another Way to Say “As Well”?

Looking for synonyms for as well? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as well.

  • Additionally
  • Too
  • Also
  • Furthermore
  • Moreover
  • Alongside
  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • In addition
  • Plus
  • Equally
  • And
  • Besides
  • Correspondingly
  • As an additional point

Want to learn how to say as well professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Additionally

Appropriate Use: To introduce an extra idea or fact.
Example: The company will provide training, additionally, they offer a mentorship program.

2. Too

Appropriate Use: To add something similar to what has been mentioned.
Example: She’s a talented coder and a skilled designer too.

3. Also

Appropriate Use: To add more information or include something else.
Example: He also mentioned the need for updated software during the meeting.

4. Furthermore

Appropriate Use: To introduce additional supporting information.
ExampleFurthermore, our market research shows an increasing trend in this sector.

5. Moreover

Appropriate Use: To add more significant information to a point.
Example: The proposal is cost-effective; moreover, it aligns with our sustainability goals.

6. Alongside

Appropriate Use: To mention something happening together with another.
Example: She will be working on the project alongside leading her team.

7. Similarly

Appropriate Use: To introduce an idea that is alike to what has been said.
Example: The marketing team achieved their targets last quarter; similarly, sales performed well.

8. Likewise

Appropriate Use: To indicate that something is the same as what has been mentioned.
Example: We offer flexible work hours; likewise, we support remote working.

9. In addition

Appropriate Use: To provide more information or ideas.
ExampleIn addition to salary, we offer comprehensive health benefits.

10. Plus

Appropriate Use: To add another item or fact, often with emphasis.
Example: He brings a wealth of experience, plus, he’s an expert in digital marketing.

11. Equally

Appropriate Use: To introduce an idea of similar importance.
Example: The project requires technical skills and, equally, strong management.

12. And

Appropriate Use: To connect similar ideas or items in a list.
Example: We need to focus on quality and efficiency.

13. Besides

Appropriate Use: To add another point, often one that reinforces the argument.
ExampleBesides, having a diverse team will bring new perspectives.

14. Correspondingly

Appropriate Use: To introduce something that is in relation to what has been mentioned.
Example: Sales figures have increased. Correspondingly, customer satisfaction has improved.

15. As an additional point

Appropriate Use: To emphasize the addition of another significant point.
Example: We must consider the environmental impact; as an additional point, community impact is also crucial.

Linda Brown