What Is Another Way to Say “Hardworking”?

You want to express that you give your all as a worker. But is hardworking a good phrase to include in your resume?

In this article, we’ll show you 10 alternative ways to show that you are a person worth employing. After that, we’ll show you how to say hardworking on a resume and discuss the effectiveness of this adjective in practice.

10 Synonyms for “Hardworking” on Your Resume

Check out these 10 alternative phrases that you can use on your CV:

  • Industrious
  • Diligent
  • Assiduous
  • Dedicated
  • Driven
  • Zealous
  • Tenacious
  • Steadfast
  • Dependable
  • Ardent

1. Industrious

The word industrious is a formal synonym for hardworking. However, this phrase is far less common and will show that you have a broad vocabulary.

As the root word of this term is “industry,” it’s great to use if you are applying for a role in a very hands-on career, such as engineering, manufacturing, or any kind of factory work.

To see this phrase in action, check out the examples below:

I have always been industrious and eager to get involved.

My colleagues would describe me as industrious, as I am devoted to creating the best output, whatever my responsibilities at a given time.

2. Diligent

A diligent person is very precise and careful in how they go about their work.

Therefore, this adjective is a huge green flag if you are seeking a job in a detail-oriented position, such as editing, design, accountancy, or any other field where it is essential to strive for perfection.

Let’s see this term in an example:

I was a diligent student for four years before completing an internship at one of the most esteemed marketing companies in Illinois.

3. Assiduous

Another word for hardworking is assiduous. Therefore, you can use this phrase in your CV or cover letter to let the hiring manager know that you handle every task with care.

This phrase also describes someone who is thorough and perseveres in the face of hardship.

Therefore, if you believe your potential employer will value someone who keeps their head down until a task is complete, this is a great adjective to go with.

Check out this example:

I would describe myself as incorrigibly assiduous, which will serve me well in a role as complex and ever-changing as this one.

4. Dedicated

Dedicated has slightly different connotations than the other words on our list. Usually, you would dedicate yourself to something that you deem important and valuable.

Therefore, this is a great term to use if you want to work for an organization with important pursuits for the betterment of the world and other people.

This phrase shows that you are committed to your cause, which is essential for a difficult but rewarding role, such as at a charity or human rights organization.

For example:

I am applying for this role because I am dedicated to creating equity in society and improving the lives of people from marginalized communities.

5. Driven

The term driven implies that you are a hard worker who strives to achieve your goals. Moreover, you don’t give up in spite of obstacles before you.

This is a great quality in any employee and is, therefore, another good term to include in your resume.

After all, whether you want to work in the corporate world or somewhere more hands-on, “drive” is something all employers look for in their team members.

Therefore, let’s see this term in an example:

I am driven by a desire to excel at everything I attempt, and you will find that there is no task that I will not give my every effort to.

6. Zealous

If you are applying for a role that would include a lot of teamwork or client engagement, you will certainly benefit from describing yourself as zealous.

Although zealous is another synonym for hardworking, it has some distinct connotations and conjures the image of a person who is highly enthusiastic and passionate about their role.

Therefore, this is a good phrase to use if the job you are seeking is very high-energy and involves working with and managing other people.

Have a look at this term in an example sentence:

I have been a zealous worker for a number of charitable organizations, and I am now seeking a managerial role with the hopes that I can broaden both my skills and my impact.

7. Tenacious

A tenacious person is persistent and refuses to give up. Therefore, this is a great phrase to use if you want to enter into a challenging and competitive industry.

Many employers like to hear that, rather than becoming disheartened in the face of hardship or failure, you find a way to overcome.

Thus, check out a couple of example sentences with this term in tow:

I am highly tenacious and see every failure as an opportunity to learn.

I believe my greatest strength is that I am tenacious at every turn.

8. Steadfast

Another way to say hardworking on your resume is to call yourself steadfast. This phrase creates the image of an immovable object that cannot be bent or broken by any harsh force.

Therefore, this term lets the reader of your resume know that you work well under pressure.

In addition, it implies that you are highly resolute and decisive, which is fantastic in a corporate role where it is important to stand your ground.

See the example below:

For eighteen years, I was a steadfast negotiator and struck a number of important deals that led to my company’s notorious merger in 2018.

9. Dependable

Some employers are simply looking for team members that they can depend upon. Therefore, you can use the term dependable to let prospective employers know that you are trustworthy and reliable.

This is an extremely important trait if you are applying for a role at a smaller business. After all, not showing up for work or failing to carry out your daily tasks can be disastrous for a small enterprise.

Therefore, let’s see an example making use of this adjective:

I believe my best quality is that I am highly dependable; all of my references will tell you that I am punctual and take my work very seriously.

10. Ardent

Another way to show that you are a hard worker who cares about the work you do is to describe yourself as ardent in your CV.

This term implies that you are passionate and uncompromising when it comes to your chosen career.

This is a fantastic quality to have in an employee, as many employers want to work with people who care about their roles and their field of work as a whole.

Check out the following example:

I have always been an ardent environmentalist, and I would like to work for a firm that prioritizes environmental justice over business pursuits.

Should You Write That You Are “Hardworking” on a Resume?

The term hardworking is considered somewhat of a cliché. Therefore, you should avoid using it on your resume.

Many professionals advise that, rather than calling yourself hardworking in your resume, you should illustrate this by setting out ways that you have worked hard in prior roles.

After all, being hardworking is not a skill or talent. It is more of a character trait that is great to embody but not so exciting to hear about if you are a recruiter or hiring manager.

Furthermore, there are several more formal adjectives you can use to describe yourself positively.

Nevertheless, we’ll look at two examples illustrating how this term might be used in a resume or cover letter:

As you can see from my references, I am competent and hardworking.

I have always been a hardworking employee, whatever the nature of the role or level of responsibility.

Next, we’ll look at the correct spelling and grammar for this term to avoid any mistakes in the future:

Variation: Hyphenating hardworking

  • Correct: Hardworking
  • Correct: Hard-working

In practice, we can use hardworking and hard-working interchangeably. However, the non-hyphenated version is preferred in American English.

Mistake: Writing hardworking as two words

  • Incorrect: Hard working
  • Correct: Hardworking

The term hardworking is usually used to modify a noun. Thus, writing it as hard working is grammatically incorrect.

Variation: Using the phrase hard worker

  • Correct: I am a hardworking employee.
  • Correct: I am a hard worker.

Hard worker is simply the noun form of this term, and it is perfectly correct to call yourself a hard worker rather than describe yourself as hardworking.

Although hardworking is grammatically correct, it is rather cliché and generic. Therefore, to come across as more unique in your resume, you can try one or more of the synonyms from our list.

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