What Is Another Way to Say “Special Thanks”?

Are you trying to give someone special thanks for something they’ve done?

Perhaps you’re worried that the phrase is a bit unprofessional or incorrect.

If that’s the case, we’re here to help.

This article will provide you with alternatives to show you how to write special thanks when the time comes.

7 Alternative Ways to Say “Special Thanks”

You should review the following synonyms to learn how to express special thanks in different ways:

  • Heartfelt thanks
  • Sincere appreciation
  • Deep gratitude
  • Warmest thanks
  • Immense gratitude
  • Profound thanks
  • A big thank you

1. Heartfelt Thanks

If you want to know how to write special thanks in a simple way, try heartfelt thanks. It’s a great way to address a new team when you care deeply about them already.

Typically, this is a great phrase to include when a team has made you feel so welcome. It implies that you feel at home and are so happy to work with them.

It’s friendly yet professional. That’s what makes it such a great choice when including it in a bulk email.

Here’s a great email sample to help you understand more about it:

Dear Team,

I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.

You’ve all stepped up and made me feel so welcome during my first month.

All the best,
Joseph Clarke

2. Sincere Appreciation

For something a little more formal, you can write sincere appreciation. This teaches you how to say special thanks to someone when you want to thank them for what they’ve done.

For instance, you can use it when writing to a client. If you’ve heard that they’re retiring or parting ways with your company, this could be a great way to see them off.

It shows that you’re willing to keep a positive relationship with them. Even if they don’t plan on coming back to you, this is a great way to avoid burning any bridges.

If you’re still unsure, you can check out this example:

Dear Mr. Harrington,

I would like to send my sincere appreciation your way.

You’ve done a lot to help me and this company, and we all appreciate it.

Best regards,
Don Wallace

3. Deep Gratitude

You can also write special thanks to your boss with deep gratitude.

It’s a great way to show just how grateful you are when writing to someone. In this case, we recommend using it when sending an email to someone you respect immensely.

Generally, it’s formal and polite to use this phrase. So, your boss will certainly be happy to receive it.

You can’t go wrong with it, even if you’re only sending them a simple thank you email for giving you a job. It’s highly effective and shows that you’re always happy to work with them.

Also, feel free to review this example:

Dear Miss Merry,

We hope you accept my deep gratitude for all you’ve done.

I’m so happy to call you my boss, and I hope this partnership lasts for years to come.

Doris Martins

4. Warmest Thanks

You can use warmest thanks as another way to say special thanks. It’s a great way to mix things up and show just how touched you are by something.

For instance, you can use this when writing a bulk email to employees. It shows that you’re happy with everyone’s performance, and you want to thank them all for what they’ve done.

Generally, this is an effective way to boost morale. Your employees will be more than happy to receive this polite and caring phrase in an email.

This example should show you more about how it works:

Dear Staff,

You have my warmest thanks at this time.

Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to keep on top of these record-breaking numbers.

Thank you so much,
Ben Dickinson

5. Immense Gratitude

Feel free to write immense gratitude as another way to say special thanks. It’s an effective phrase that shows just how touched you are by someone’s actions.

You can use it when contacting your staff. It shows that you’re thrilled to work with them and are happy with all the work they’ve put into a project.

We also recommend reviewing the following sample email:

Dear All,

You have my immense gratitude.

You’ve all done a fantastic job, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of employees.

Kim Sutton

6. Profound Thanks

You can also use profound thanks when giving special thanks to your manager.

It shows that you owe them a lot. They might have taught you a lot during your time at a company, and you can use this as a special way to appreciate them.

It’s formal and polite, which is why it’s such a good choice when you’re looking to flatter them.

Here’s a great example to show you more about how it works:

Dear Ms. Cheeks,

I hope you will accept my profound thanks after all you’ve done.

I feel like I owe you so much for helping me through this.

Best regards,
Danny White

7. A Big Thank You

Finally, you can rely on more friendly tones by writing a big thank you.

This is a great phrase to include when sending a special thanks to your team. It shows you how to say special thanks in a farewell email when you’re saying goodbye to everyone you worked with.

If you like your employees and want to send them off on a positive note, this is the phrase for you!

You can also refer to this email sample:

Dear Team,

I want to just say a big thank you before I go!

You’ve been the best team any manager could ask for, and I’ll miss you all.

Trinity Bailey

Is It Correct to Say “Special Thanks”?

Special thanks is correct to say in speeches and formal situations.

It’s a great way to give thanks where it’s due. So, if someone has gone above and beyond to help you with something, you might owe them a special thanks.

Here’s a great example to show you how it might work in a speech:

I’d like to give special thanks to my coworkers. They really helped to bring this project to life.

Feel free to make it sound more formal by writing special thank you. Extending the phrase like this can help to add to the professional tone of your writing.

Check out this sample email to find out more about how it works:

Dear Team,

I’m writing as a special thank you to everyone who put the time into this.

We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Best regards,
Dani Speegle

However, you can still make a mistake when writing the phrase. It’s best to avoid doing so; otherwise, it takes away from the potency of your special thanks.

Mistake: Using especial instead of special

  • Correct: Special thanks to you.
  • Incorrect: Especial thanks to you.

George O'Connor