How to Say “As Previously Mentioned” Professionally

Are you trying to bring something up in an email that you previously spoke about?

Perhaps you’re concerned that as previously mentioned is unprofessional or repetitive.

Luckily, you have options.

This article will teach you how to say as previously mentioned in an email to show that you’ve brought something up before.

Is It Correct to Say “As Previously Mentioned”?

As previously mentioned is correct to use in professional contexts.

It’s not rude when used in an email. Instead, it shows that you’ve already brought something up and would like to redirect someone’s attention to it.

Here’s a great email sample to show you more about how to say as previously mentioned professionally:

Dear Ms. Murphy,

As previously mentioned, we will be changing the way we conduct our business.

We hope this doesn’t affect our partnership.

George Johnson

However, it doesn’t only apply to emails.

You can also use it when writing an essay. This could be a good way to bring up something that you’ve already written about for the reader, as it will help you to come full circle.

Check out this example to learn how to say as previously mentioned in an essay:

As previously mentioned, I chose these issues because they related the most to what I was dealing with.

Sometimes, you’ll see the word order jumbled up. It’s up to you to decide which word order variation you prefer, as it doesn’t change the meaning of the phrase.

Variation: Changing the word order

  • Correct: As previously mentioned
  • Correct: As mentioned previously

So, it’s clear that as previously mentioned is a great phrase to include in emails or essays. However, we recommend exploring some alternatives to help you spice things up.

Keep reading to learn a professional way to say as previously mentioned. We’ve gathered the 6 best alternatives to help you explore your options and see what’s available.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “As Previously Mentioned”

It’s worth looking at the following alternatives to learn another way to say as previously mentioned:

  • As noted earlier
  • As previously stated
  • Based on what I discussed before
  • As I mentioned earlier
  • To reiterate some previous points
  • As brought up earlier

1. As Noted Earlier

First, we recommend as noted earlier. This is a great alternative to as previously mentioned that shows you’ve already discussed something.

Try using it in a formal email. It’s a great formal synonym that shows you’ve shared something before and would like the recipient to remember what you said.

It’s direct and professional. Most of the time, recipients will be happy to look back through their emails and see what you’re talking about.

Use it when talking to a client about company changes. It reminds them that you’re keeping them in the loop and will continue to provide updates when necessary.

You can also refer to this email sample:

Dear Mr. Harrington,

As noted earlier, we are still looking for suitable candidates.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear anything from likely contenders.

Best regards,
Jon Adams

2. As Previously Stated

Next, you can use as previously stated instead of as previously mentioned.

Switching mentioned for stated is a great way to keep things interesting without taking away from the original meaning of the phrase.

It’s a strong phrase to include in a bulk email. It works well when emailing your employees, for the most part.

After all, it’ll let them know that you’ve already shared some relevant information. So, if they need to go back to it, they should refer to their inbox.

Feel free to review this sample email if you still need help with it:

Dear All,

As previously stated, we will be meeting to discuss this on Friday.

Please let me know who is able to attend.

Brett Longing

3. Based on What I Discussed Before

To keep things formal and polite, you can use based on what I discussed before.

This is a great choice when emailing a client. It shows that you’re happy to keep them in the loop with your current business.

Generally, clients are happiest when they’re kept up to date. So, a phrase like this in an email goes a long way to tell them that you’re happy to keep them updated.

Above all else, it’s professional. That’s what makes it such a good fit when you’re emailing a client to let them know you’ve already discussed something.

You should also review this example to learn more about how to use it:

Dear Miss Hodge,

Based on what I discussed before, we will be working with a new client list soon.

Do you have any objections to the changes we will be making?

Kind regards,
Daniel Brandon

4. As I Mentioned Earlier

Not every synonym here needs to work in an email. Sometimes, it’s better to use a synonym in an essay to discuss things you’ve already spoken about.

For instance, you can write as I mentioned earlier to direct the reader to a previous passage.

When writing an essay, it’s sometimes advisable to keep things intertwined. The more your essay links together, the better it will be overall.

So, if you want to impress the reader, using a formal phrase like this goes a long way. It shows that you’ve brought attention back to something you’ve already discussed.

Here are some great essay samples to show you more about how it works:

As I mentioned earlier, there is a reason for my choices. I believe it’s going to be the most effective way to advance.

As I mentioned earlier, this was a failed experiment result. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything to change the outcome.

5. To Reiterate Some Previous Points

The next synonym we want to go over is to reiterate some previous points.

This is a great choice to use in formal writing. Try using it when completing an essay, as it shows that you’re going back to a previous point.

Again, the more you can link an essay back to earlier points, the better your essay will be.

For the most part, this phrase is formal. So, it’s a good way to give off more of a professional vibe when trying to entice the reader.

Also, you can review these examples to find out more:

To reiterate some previous points, this is the only way for us to advance in the business. Therefore, I believe it’s a suitable change to make.

To reiterate some previous points,we must come together to decide on a worthy solution. Otherwise, this won’t work as well.

6. As Brought Up Earlier

Finally, we recommend using as brought up earlier as a more friendly synonym for as previously mentioned.

This phrase works well when contacting a team of employees. It lets them know that you’ve already shared something with them and would like to remind them of it.

Generally, this phrase is friendly but professional. That’s what makes it so effective when talking to employees, as it shows you value their insight and treat them more like friends.

Feel free to review this email sample to learn more about how it works:

Dear Team,

As brought up earlier, we are looking for someone to fill this gap in our team.

Please let me know if any of you are interested.

All the best,
Jake Hall

George O'Connor