What Is Another Way to Say “Positive Impact”?

You want to discuss the good results of an action. But is the phrase positive impact the correct one to use?

In this article, we’ll look at 6 alternative phrases that you can use to avoid repetition in your writing at school or to diversify your phrasing in your business correspondence.

In addition, we’ll discuss the correctness of this phrase in both a professional and academic setting.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “Positive Impact”

Below, you’ll find 6 different ways to say positive impact in your written messages or research papers:

  • Benefit
  • Profound effect
  • Positive influence
  • Of great utility
  • Notable contribution
  • Worthwhile

1. Benefit

Another word for positive impact is benefit. In fact, this is the most direct synonym for the original phrase.

This term is suitable for most circumstances and is a safe option when you want to discuss the positive effects of something at work.

Therefore, you can use this alternative in a business email to a colleague or a fellow professional from another organization.

It is clear and to the point in addition to being tonally neutral. Therefore, you can use it to speak positively about an idea or project without being too effusive.

Have a look at the email sample below to see this phrase in action:

Dear Ashland,

I think it would be worth discussing the obvious benefit of a separate line for casual inquiries to reduce the wait time on our customer service line.

Are you free for a call tomorrow?

Kind regards,

2. Profound Effect

The phrase profound effect is a good alternative to use in an academic paper.

In particular, this is a great option when you want to discuss your observations about how one thing has positively impacted another.

The word “profound” has rather intense connotations. This makes for engaging and evocative academic writing.

However, the phrase profound effect may come across as a touch too flowery for a professional email about your business.

Therefore, while this phrase sounds great in an academic setting, we would recommend that you use it with caution in a work setting.

Nevertheless, let’s see this phrase in an essay example:

This data shows the profound effect of forest restoration on the population growth of thousands of species.

3. Positive Influence

The phrase positive influence can be used when you are discussing how certain actions might affect people.

After all, the word “influence” usually refers to how something impacts a person’s character, development, or behavior.

Therefore, when discussing the internal workings of your business, it makes sense to consider the positive influence of certain structural changes in your company on your staff.

In short, you can use the phrase positive influence in your emails to your employees, especially those in senior positions.

It is a useful way to discuss what techniques you want to employ at work to influence the productivity and morale of the people working at your organization.

Consider this email sample:

Dear Team,

It is my belief that expanding our mentoring program across departments will have a positive influence on new recruits within each section of our company.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the brief attached below.

Jason Lo

4. Notable Contribution

Another good academic synonym for positive impact is notable contribution.

This alternative is slightly distinct from the original phrase. After all, positive impact speaks directly to the effect of one action on something else.

Meanwhile, this phrase focuses on the action itself and how it has contributed overall to an outcome.

Therefore, notable contribution is not a direct synonym for positive impact. However, there are certainly circumstances in which these phrases can be used in a similar way.

After all, a notable, positive contribution will undoubtedly lead to a positive impact, so it is obvious how these phrases relate to one another.

To see what we mean, check out the example below:

One should also consider the notable contribution made to the field of psychology by feminist writers and their research into hegemonic masculinity.

5. Of Great Utility

If something is of great utility, this essentially means that it is highly useful or profitable for an organization.

This makes it a great term to use in a business email to a fellow professional from another organization.

In particular, you can use this phrase when you are discussing a potential collaboration or merger with another company in the interest of your shared pursuits.

In short, this phrase discusses how you can use certain ideas or resources to make a positive impact.

More specifically, you can use it to discuss how you would like to “utilize” your resources for the benefit of your organization.

Consider the following sample email:

Dear Pamela,

I believe the combination of my team’s design department and your team’s research department will be of great utility in this project.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

Kind regards,
Christiana Simms

6. Worthwhile

Worthwhile is another way to say positive impact in a professional setting.

Essentially, if something is worthwhile, this means it has value. It is therefore worth the time or money that is spent on bringing it to fruition.

Therefore, something that has a positive impact can be considered worthwhile and worth attributing resources to, especially in business circumstances.

If you are a senior member of your organization, you can use this phrase when you are discussing the changes you want to make to your organization with a colleague.

Therefore, to see how you can use this phrase at work, let’s employ it in our final email example:

Dear Jane,

Having considered our budget, I think greater expenditure towards social media marketing would be a worthwhile pursuit in the long run.

I would be keen to discuss this in our meeting next week.

Kind regards,

Is It Correct to Say “Positive Impact”?

The phrase positive impact is perfectly correct.

You can use this phrase in a plethora of circumstances. For instance, to talk about the benefits of a particular business decision at work.

You can also use it to discuss the effect of one thing on another more broadly, making this an appropriate term in academic literature.

The best way to see how you can use this phrase in practice is with a couple of examples.

Let’s start with an email example illustrating how you can use positive impact in a professional setting:

Dear Mr. Pender,

I would be interested in scheduling a meeting so that we can discuss the positive impact of our recent marketing tactics on our sales.

Please get back to me at your convenience.

Kind regards,
Alec Olier

Next, let’s look at a faux snippet from an academic essay:

This paper will discuss the positive impact of humanitarian aid in the dismemberment of militant and radical groups.

Although the phrase positive impact is correct and suitable in both professional correspondence and academic writing, it is rather standardized.

Therefore, it can be very risky to use this phrase repeatedly, especially in your academic writing.

If you want to keep your writing engaging and diverse, it wouldn’t hurt to mix up your phrasing from time to time using one or more of the synonyms from our list.

Kahlan House