What Is Another Way to Say “Was Able To”?

Looking for synonyms for was able to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say was able to.

  • Succeeded in
  • Managed to
  • Accomplished
  • Achieved
  • Attained
  • Realized
  • Pulled off
  • Executed
  • Completed
  • Fulfilled
  • Carried out
  • Brought about
  • Effected
  • Performed
  • Concluded
  • Enacted
  • Finalized
  • Implemented
  • Secured
  • Nailed

Want to learn how to say was able to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Succeeded in

Appropriate Use: To achieve a desired aim or result.
Example: “She succeeded in closing the biggest deal of the year for the company.”

2. Managed to

Appropriate Use: To succeed in doing something, especially something challenging.
Example: “Despite the challenges, he managed to lead his team to meet their quarterly targets.”

3. Accomplished

Appropriate Use: To achieve or complete successfully.
Example: “The project team accomplished the task ahead of the deadline.”

4. Achieved

Appropriate Use: To successfully bring about or reach a desired objective or result.
Example: “Through hard work and determination, she achieved her goal of becoming a department head.”

5. Attained

Appropriate Use: To reach, achieve, or accomplish a goal or objective.
Example: “He attained a high level of proficiency in the new programming language.”

6. Realized

Appropriate Use: To achieve something desired or envisioned.
Example: “The company realized its ambition to expand into the European market.”

7. Pulled off

Appropriate Use: To succeed in achieving or winning something difficult.
Example: “The marketing team pulled off a highly successful product launch.”

8. Executed

Appropriate Use: To carry out a plan, order, or course of action.
Example: “She executed the business strategy flawlessly.”

9. Completed

Appropriate Use: To finish making or doing.
Example: “The team completed the software upgrade on schedule.”

10. Fulfilled

Appropriate Use: To carry out a duty or role as required.
Example: “He fulfilled his duties as the interim manager during the transition period.”

11. Carried out

Appropriate Use: To perform or conduct a task or action.
Example: “The consultant carried out a thorough analysis of the company’s financial health.”

12. Brought about

Appropriate Use: To cause something to happen.
Example: “Her innovative ideas brought about significant improvements in the company’s processes.”

13. Effected

Appropriate Use: To cause something to happen; to bring about.
Example: “The CEO effected major changes within the organization.”

14. Performed

Appropriate Use: To carry out a task or action.
Example: “The accountant performed the audit with great attention to detail.”

15. Concluded

Appropriate Use: To bring something to an end.
Example: “She concluded the negotiations with a favorable agreement.”

16. Enacted

Appropriate Use: To make into an act or statute.
Example: “The new policies were enacted to improve workplace safety.”

17. Finalized

Appropriate Use: To complete the last part of a plan or process.
Example: “After months of discussion, the merger was finally finalized.”

18. Implemented

Appropriate Use: To put a decision, plan, or agreement into effect.
Example: “The new software was implemented across all departments successfully.”

19. Secured

Appropriate Use: To obtain or achieve something, especially with effort.
Example: “She secured a significant investment for the startup.”

20. Nailed

Appropriate Use: Informal way of saying to complete something successfully, especially in a spectacular way.
Example: “He absolutely nailed the presentation to the board of directors.”

Linda Brown