What Is Another Way to Say “Went Through”?

Looking for synonyms for went through? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say went through.

  • Underwent
  • Experienced
  • Endured
  • Suffered
  • Passed through
  • Lived through
  • Faced
  • Weathered
  • Dealt with
  • Handled
  • Managed
  • Overcame
  • Navigated
  • Traversed
  • Encountered
  • Tackled
  • Confronted
  • Grappled with
  • Surmounted
  • Withstood

Want to learn how to say went through professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Underwent

Use “underwent” to describe experiencing a process or treatment.
Example: The company underwent a major reorganization last year.

2. Experienced

“Experienced” is suitable for having lived through an event or situation.
Example: She experienced significant challenges during the project’s early stages.

3. Endured

Use “endured” to describe suffering something difficult or unpleasant for a long time.
Example: The team endured many setbacks before achieving success.

4. Suffered

“Suffered” is used for undergoing something painful or unpleasant.
Example: The industry suffered heavy losses during the economic downturn.

5. Passed through

Use “passed through” to describe moving through or across an area or period.
Example: The startup passed through several phases before finding its niche.

6. Lived through

“Lived through” is suitable for experiencing a particular period or event.
Example: The CEO lived through various market changes over the years.

7. Faced

Use “faced” to describe confronting and dealing with a challenging situation.
Example: The company faced financial difficulties but has since recovered.

8. Weathered

“Weathered” is used for surviving through difficult conditions.
Example: The organization has weathered many economic storms.

9. Dealt with

Use “dealt with” for managing or handling a situation.
Example: She dealt with the crisis effectively, showing strong leadership.

10. Handled

“Handled” describes managing a situation using one’s skills or abilities.
Example: He handled the negotiations with great diplomacy.

11. Managed

Use “managed” to describe succeeding in dealing with or controlling a situation.
Example: They managed the workload efficiently despite being short-staffed.

12. Overcame

“Overcame” is suitable for succeeding in dealing with a problem or difficulty.
Example: The team overcame numerous obstacles to complete the project on time.

Use “navigated” to describe finding a way through a difficult or complex situation.
Example: The company successfully navigated the regulatory complexities.

14. Traversed

“Traversed” is used for moving across, through, or over something.
Example: The entrepreneur traversed various industries before establishing her own company.

15. Encountered

Use “encountered” to describe unexpectedly experiencing or facing something.
Example: The project team encountered several unforeseen challenges.

16. Tackled

“Tackled” describes making a determined effort to deal with a difficult task or problem.
Example: The manager tackled the issue head-on, resolving it quickly.

17. Confronted

Use “confronted” for facing up to and dealing with a problem or difficult situation.
Example: She confronted the compliance issues directly, ensuring no further problems.

18. Grappled with

“Grappled with” is suitable for struggling to deal with or understand a problem.
Example: The company grappled with logistical challenges during the expansion.

19. Surmounted

Use “surmounted” to describe overcoming a difficulty or obstacle.
Example: Despite limited resources, they surmounted the challenges impressively.

20. Withstood

“Withstood” is used for remaining undamaged or unaffected by something challenging.
Example: The team withstood intense pressure to meet the tight deadline.

Linda Brown