What Is Another Way to Say “To Make Easier”?

Looking for synonyms for to make easier? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say to make easier.

  • To facilitate
  • To simplify
  • To ease
  • To assist
  • To aid
  • To expedite
  • To streamline
  • To smooth
  • To enable
  • To support
  • To alleviate
  • To lighten
  • To accelerate
  • To enhance
  • To optimize
  • To improve
  • To relieve
  • To expedite
  • To reduce
  • To advance

Want to learn how to say to make easier professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. To facilitate

Appropriate for making a process or action easier by providing assistance.
Example: “The workshop aims to facilitate learning through interactive activities.”

2. To simplify

Used when making something less complex or easier to understand.
Example: “The software update will simplify the user interface for better accessibility.”

3. To ease

Suitable for making a situation or task less difficult or more comfortable.
Example: “The new regulations will ease the burden on small business owners.”

4. To assist

Appropriate for providing help or support to make a task easier.
Example: “The mentor will assist the new employee during the onboarding process.”

5. To aid

Used when providing support or help to make something easier.
Example: “The guidebook aids tourists in navigating the city’s public transportation system.”

6. To expedite

Suitable for making a process faster or more efficient.
Example: “The company will expedite the shipping process to ensure timely delivery.”

7. To streamline

Appropriate for making an organization or process more efficient by simplifying procedures.
Example: “The administration plans to streamline the application process to reduce wait times.”

8. To smooth

Used when making a path, process, or action less obstructed or easier to accomplish.
Example: “The new software aims to smooth the workflow between departments.”

9. To enable

Suitable for giving someone or something the means or ability to do something more easily.
Example: “The online platform enables small businesses to reach a global audience.”

10. To support

Appropriate for providing assistance or resources to make tasks easier.
Example: “The foundation supports young artists by providing grants and workspace.”

11. To alleviate

Used when making suffering, deficiency, or a problem less severe.
Example: “The new policy is designed to alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours.”

12. To lighten

Suitable for making a load or burden lighter or less heavy.
Example: “The new tax relief measures aim to lighten the financial load on middle-class families.”

13. To accelerate

Appropriate for speeding up a process or task.
Example: “The new technology will accelerate data analysis, making research faster.”

14. To enhance

Used when improving the quality, value, or extent of something to make it easier or better.
Example: “The training program is designed to enhance the skills of our employees.”

15. To optimize

Suitable for making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.
Example: “Optimizing the production line will make the manufacturing process easier and more cost-effective.”

16. To improve

Appropriate for making something better or easier to use, understand, or perform.
Example: “The software update will improve functionality and make navigation easier.”

17. To relieve

Used when reducing or removing something, like a problem or difficulty, making a situation easier.
Example: “The new highway will relieve traffic pressure on the main roads.”

18. To reduce

Suitable for making something smaller in size, amount, degree, importance, or the difficulty of a task.
Example: “Implementing more efficient processes will reduce the time needed to complete projects.”

19. To advance

Appropriate for moving something forward in a way that makes progress easier or quicker.
Example: “The research aims to advance our understanding of the disease, making it easier to find a cure.”

20. To advance (Duplicate, consider as “To cut down on”)

Intended for reducing the amount or number of something to make a situation more manageable.
Example: “The new policy will cut down on paperwork, making administration easier for teachers.”

Linda Brown