What Is Another Way to Say “Thanks To”?

Looking for synonyms for thanks to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say thanks to.

  • Due to
  • Because of
  • Owing to
  • As a result of
  • Attributable to
  • On account of
  • Courtesy of
  • By virtue of
  • In consequence of
  • With the aid of
  • Through the efforts of
  • By reason of
  • In view of
  • With the help of
  • As a consequence of
  • By means of
  • Following
  • In light of
  • Under the auspices of
  • In the wake of

Want to learn how to say thanks to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Due to

Appropriate Use: As a result of or because of a certain cause.
Example: “Due to the team’s hard work, the project was completed ahead of schedule.”

2. Because of

Appropriate Use: As a result of; by reason of.
Example: “Because of the new investment, the company is expanding its operations.”

3. Owing to

Appropriate Use: As a result of; because of.
Example: “Owing to recent technological advancements, our production efficiency has increased.”

4. As a result of

Appropriate Use: Happening as a consequence of something.
Example: “As a result of her leadership, the department exceeded its targets.”

5. Attributable to

Appropriate Use: Caused by; ascribed to.
Example: “The success of the product is largely attributable to innovative marketing strategies.”

6. On account of

Appropriate Use: Because of; as a result of.
Example: “On account of her extensive experience, she was promoted to senior management.”

7. Courtesy of

Appropriate Use: Provided by; as a result of someone’s efforts.
Example: “The new office equipment was courtesy of the company’s technology grant.”

8. By virtue of

Appropriate Use: As a result of having a particular quality.
Example: “By virtue of his expert negotiation skills, the deal was successfully closed.”

9. In consequence of

Appropriate Use: As a result of.
Example: “In consequence of the merger, the company has doubled in size.”

10. With the aid of

Appropriate Use: With the help or assistance of something or someone.
Example: “With the aid of the new software, we can process data much faster.”

11. Through the efforts of

Appropriate Use: As a result of someone’s hard work.
Example: “Through the efforts of the entire team, the event was a great success.”

12. By reason of

Appropriate Use: Because of; due to.
Example: “By reason of his advanced skills, he quickly advanced in the company.”

13. In view of

Appropriate Use: Considering; because of.
Example: “In view of her outstanding achievements, she received the award for excellence.”

14. With the help of

Appropriate Use: With assistance or support from someone or something.
Example: “With the help of the new marketing campaign, sales have significantly increased.”

15. As a consequence of

Appropriate Use: As a result of.
Example: “As a consequence of the market research, we altered our product design.”

16. By means of

Appropriate Use: Through the use of; by using.
Example: “By means of advanced analytics, we gained valuable customer insights.”

17. Following

Appropriate Use: After; as a result of.
Example: “Following the successful launch, the company’s shares rose sharply.”

18. In light of

Appropriate Use: Considering something; because of.
Example: “In light of the recent feedback, we will make further improvements to the product.”

19. Under the auspices of

Appropriate Use: With the support, protection, or guidance of.
Example: “The training program was conducted under the auspices of the Human Resources department.”

20. In the wake of

Appropriate Use: As a result of; following.
Example: “In the wake of the new regulations, the company revised its compliance policies.”

Linda Brown