What Is Another Way to Say “Tend To”?

Looking for synonyms for tend to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say tend to.

  • Care for
  • Look after
  • Attend to
  • Manage
  • Handle
  • Deal with
  • Address
  • Oversee
  • Nurture
  • Maintain
  • Administer
  • Be inclined to
  • Be responsible for
  • See to
  • Watch over

Want to learn how to say tend to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Care for

Appropriate Use: Suitable for looking after someone or something.
Example: Nurses are trained to effectively care for patients in various medical settings.

2. Look after

Appropriate Use: Ideal for taking responsibility for someone or something.
Example: During her vacation, I will look after her administrative duties.

3. Attend to

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for dealing with a task or person.
Example: The customer service team promptly attends to client inquiries.

4. Manage

Appropriate Use: Suitable for handling or directing with a degree of skill.
Example: He manages the IT department, ensuring all systems operate smoothly.

5. Handle

Appropriate Use: Used for dealing with a situation or problem.
Example: Our legal team is equipped to handle contract negotiations.

6. Deal with

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for taking action to solve a problem.
Example: The HR department will deal with the recruitment and training of new employees.

7. Address

Appropriate Use: Ideal for giving attention to something or someone.
Example: The meeting will address the upcoming changes in company policy.

8. Oversee

Appropriate Use: Suitable for supervising or monitoring.
Example: She oversees all the research and development projects of the company.

9. Nurture

Appropriate Use: Used for caring and encouraging the growth or development of.
Example: Our company culture nurtures innovation and creativity among employees.

10. Maintain

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for keeping something in good condition.
Example: The facilities team maintains the office building to ensure a safe working environment.

11. Administer

Appropriate Use: Suitable for managing the operations or affairs of a business or organization.
Example: He administers the annual budget for the marketing department.

12. Be inclined to

Appropriate Use: Ideal for having a tendency or predisposition to do something.
Example: She is inclined to support projects that focus on sustainability.

13. Be responsible for

Appropriate Use: Used for having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone.
Example: As the project manager, you will be responsible for meeting all the deadlines.

14. See to

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for taking care of a task or responsibility.
Example: Please see to the arrangements for the upcoming conference.

15. Watch over

Appropriate Use: Suitable for protecting or supervising someone or something.
Example: Security personnel watch over the premises 24/7.

Linda Brown