What Is Another Way to Say “Stumbled Upon”?

Looking for synonyms for stumbled upon? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say stumbled upon.

  • Came across
  • Discovered
  • Found by chance
  • Chanced upon
  • Happened upon
  • Encountered
  • Unearthed
  • Stumbled across
  • Ran into
  • Stumbled onto
  • Accidentally found
  • Serendipitously found
  • Lighted upon
  • Hit upon
  • Bumped into

Want to learn how to say stumbled upon professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Came across

Appropriate when describing a casual or unexpected discovery.

Example: While researching for my thesis, I came across a rare book that perfectly supported my argument.

2. Discovered

Used when a more formal or significant find is made.

Example: The team discovered a new software vulnerability during their routine security audit.

3. Found by chance

Suitable for instances where the discovery is entirely accidental and unforeseen.

Example: I found by chance a solution to the coding problem when browsing through an online forum.

4. Chanced upon

Similar to “found by chance,” emphasizing the serendipitous nature of the find.

Example: On my trip to the archives, I chanced upon a letter that shed new light on the historical event I was studying.

5. Happened upon

Appropriate for a casual discovery, often used in narrative or descriptive contexts.

Example: I happened upon a quaint coffee shop that had the perfect ambiance for writing.

6. Encountered

Used when the discovery is made in the course of doing something else, often implying a direct meeting or experience.

Example: During our fieldwork, we encountered a species thought to be extinct.

7. Unearthed

Appropriate for discoveries that reveal something hidden, often used in academic, scientific, or investigative contexts.

Example: The researcher unearthed critical data that challenged the prevailing theory in her field.

8. Stumbled across

Very similar to “stumbled upon,” indicating an accidental find during an unrelated activity.

Example: I stumbled across an old friend’s contact information while organizing my desk.

9. Ran into

Casual and often used to describe encountering people rather than things.

Example: I ran into an old colleague at the conference, who provided me with a fantastic networking opportunity.

10. Stumbled onto

Similar to “stumbled upon,” with a slight emphasis on the action leading to the discovery.

Example: While debugging the application, I stumbled onto a hidden feature that solved our problem.

11. Accidentally found

Emphasizes the unintentional aspect of the discovery.

Example: I accidentally found a critical document that was misfiled in the wrong department.

12. Serendipitously found

Highlights the fortunate and unexpected aspect of the discovery.

Example: The scientist serendipitously found the breakthrough she needed in a journal article she wasn’t initially searching for.

13. Lighted upon

A more literary or formal way to describe coming across something by chance.

Example: While perusing the library’s archives, I lighted upon a series of letters that were crucial for my research.

14. Hit upon

Implies arriving at a discovery or idea, often through a process of exploration or experimentation.

Example: After months of experimentation, the team hit upon a solution that dramatically increased efficiency.

15. Bumped into

Informal, often used for unexpected meetings with people rather than finding objects or information.

Example: While touring the new office, I bumped into the CEO, who offered some insightful feedback on our project.

Linda Brown