What Is Another Way to Say “It Is Clear”?

Looking for synonyms for it is clear? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say it is clear.

  • It is evident
  • It is obvious
  • It is apparent
  • Clearly
  • Undoubtedly
  • Manifestly
  • It is unmistakable
  • Plainly
  • It is palpable
  • Indisputably
  • Unquestionably
  • It is transparent
  • Unambiguously
  • Conspicuously
  • It is patent
  • It is self-evident
  • Without a doubt
  • It is undeniable
  • It is conspicuous
  • Evidently

Want to learn how to say it is clear professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. It is Evident

When to use: Suitable for stating something that is clear and easily seen or understood.
Example: It is evident from the data that our new marketing strategy is effective.

2. It is Obvious

When to use: Best for stating something that is easily perceived or understood.
Example: It is obvious that the company’s profits have increased due to the new sales approach.

3. It is Apparent

When to use: Appropriate for something that becomes clear after being observed.
Example: After reviewing the reports, it is apparent that our efficiency has improved.

4. Clearly

When to use: Ideal for emphasizing the clarity or obvious nature of something.
Example: Clearly, the investment in new technology has paid off.

5. Undoubtedly

When to use: Suitable for a situation where there is no doubt about the fact or statement.
Example: Undoubtedly, the team’s hard work has contributed to our success.

6. Manifestly

When to use: Best for something that is clearly evident to the mind or the senses.
Example: Manifestly, the changes in policy have benefited the organization.

7. It is Unmistakable

When to use: Appropriate for a situation where something cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted.
Example: The improvement in customer satisfaction is unmistakable.

8. Plainly

When to use: Ideal for stating something in a straightforward and clear manner.
Example: Plainly speaking, the merger has significantly increased our market share.

9. It is Palpable

When to use: Suitable for something that is so obvious it can almost be felt.
Example: The excitement about the new product launch is palpable in the office.

10. Indisputably

When to use: Best for a fact or statement that cannot be disputed or challenged.
Example: Indisputably, this quarter’s results are the best we’ve seen in years.

11. Unquestionably

When to use: Appropriate for something that cannot be doubted or is accepted as true.
Example: Unquestionably, our new IT infrastructure has enhanced our operational capabilities.

12. It is Transparent

When to use: Ideal for situations where something is open and obvious.
Example: The benefits of the new policy are transparent to all employees.

13. Unambiguously

When to use: Suitable for expressing something in a way that leaves no doubt.
Example: The CEO stated unambiguously that no layoffs are planned this year.

14. Conspicuously

When to use: Best for something that is clearly visible or attracting attention.
Example: The company’s growth has been conspicuously strong this quarter.

15. It is Patent

When to use: Appropriate for something that is readily visible or obvious.
Example: It is patent that our customer base has expanded significantly.

16. It is Self-Evident

When to use: Ideal for something that is obvious without needing explanation or proof.
Example: The success of the project is self-evident from the positive feedback.

17. Without a Doubt

When to use: Suitable for emphasizing certainty or the absence of doubt.
Example: Without a doubt, the new strategy has given us a competitive edge.

18. It is Undeniable

When to use: Best for a fact or reality that cannot be disputed or denied.
Example: It is undeniable that our team’s performance has improved.

19. It is Conspicuous

When to use: Appropriate for something that is very noticeable or attracts attention.
Example: The high quality of our products is conspicuous in the marketplace.

20. Evidently

When to use: Suitable for stating something based on the evidence presented.
Example: Evidently, our investment in renewable energy is yielding positive results.

Linda Brown