What Is Another Way to Say “Sought Out”?

Looking for synonyms for sought out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say sought out.

  • Searched for
  • Pursued
  • Hunted for
  • Looked for
  • Scouted for
  • Tracked down
  • Sought after
  • Quested for
  • Chased
  • Went after
  • Targeted
  • Aimed for
  • Explored for
  • Desired
  • Singled out
  • Selected
  • Identified
  • Fished for
  • Rooted out
  • Dug for

Want to learn how to say sought out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Searched for

Appropriate Use: Actively looking for something or someone.
Example: “The HR team searched for the ideal candidate for the managerial position.”

2. Pursued

Appropriate Use: Followed or chased after something with the intent to capture or obtain it.
Example: “She pursued new business opportunities in emerging markets.”

3. Hunted for

Appropriate Use: Actively looked for or sought after something.
Example: “He hunted for rare components to use in his innovative tech designs.”

4. Looked for

Appropriate Use: Tried to find or search for something.
Example: “The researcher looked for the latest studies on renewable energy.”

5. Scouted for

Appropriate Use: Explored or made a search for something, usually for a specific purpose.
Example: “The marketing team scouted for the perfect location for their campaign shoot.”

6. Tracked down

Appropriate Use: Located something after a search or investigation.
Example: “She successfully tracked down the source of the data breach.”

7. Sought after

Appropriate Use: Desired or wanted by many people.
Example: “His expertise in cybersecurity is highly sought after in the industry.”

8. Quested for

Appropriate Use: Searched for something as if on a quest.
Example: “They quested for innovative solutions to environmental challenges.”

9. Chased

Appropriate Use: Actively pursued or sought to obtain something.
Example: “The sales team chased new leads to expand their client base.”

10. Went after

Appropriate Use: Tried to obtain or achieve something.
Example: “She went after the grant to fund her scientific research.”

11. Targeted

Appropriate Use: Aimed for or identified as an objective.
Example: “The company targeted emerging markets for its new product launch.”

12. Aimed for

Appropriate Use: Set as a goal or objective.
Example: “He aimed for excellence in every project he undertook.”

13. Explored for

Appropriate Use: Investigated or searched through an area for something.
Example: “The team explored for new opportunities in the Asian market.”

14. Desired

Appropriate Use: Wanted or wished for as being an attractive, useful, or necessary course of action.
Example: “The new technology is highly desired for its efficiency and cost-saving potential.”

15. Singled out

Appropriate Use: Chose or selected from a group.
Example: “She was singled out for her exceptional leadership during the project.”

16. Selected

Appropriate Use: Carefully chose as being the best or most suitable.
Example: “After reviewing several proposals, the committee selected the most innovative one.”

17. Identified

Appropriate Use: Recognized or discovered a particular thing.
Example: “He identified key areas for improvement in the workflow process.”

18. Fished for

Appropriate Use: Attempted to obtain something indirectly or by cunning means.
Example: “She fished for information about the competitor’s new strategy.”

19. Rooted out

Appropriate Use: Searched and found something hidden or not easily noticed.
Example: “The auditor rooted out discrepancies in the financial reports.”

20. Dug for

Appropriate Use: Investigated in depth to find something.
Example: “Journalists dug for facts to uncover the truth behind the scandal.”

Linda Brown