What Is Another Way to Say “Last Minute”?

Looking for synonyms for last minute? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say last minute.

  • Eleventh-hour
  • Final moment
  • Nick of time
  • Zero hour
  • Just in time
  • At the wire
  • Crunch time
  • Down to the wire
  • In the nick of time
  • Under the wire
  • Last-second
  • At the last second
  • Last-ditch
  • Closing stages
  • Last-gasp
  • The 59th minute
  • Dying moments
  • At the eleventh hour
  • Last moment
  • In the final hour

Want to learn how to say last minute professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Eleventh-hour

Used to describe actions or decisions made urgently just before a deadline.

Example: “The team made an eleventh-hour decision to change the product design.”

2. Final Moment

Appropriate for indicating the very last opportunity to act or decide.

Example: “In the final moment, the CEO approved the new marketing strategy.”

3. Nick of Time

Used for actions taken just in time to be effective.

Example: “The IT specialist fixed the server issue in the nick of time before the presentation.”

4. Zero Hour

Appropriate for a critical or decisive moment.

Example: “As zero hour approached, the team prepared for the product launch.”

5. Just in Time

Used when something is occurring at the latest possible moment for it to be successful.

Example: “The supplies were delivered just in time for the event.”

6. At the Wire

Used in contexts where a task is completed at the last possible moment.

Example: “The contract was signed at the wire, just before the deadline.”

7. Crunch Time

Appropriate for a period of intense pressure just before a deadline.

Example: “It’s crunch time for the tax team to complete all filings.”

8. Down to the Wire

Used for situations where very little time remains to complete something.

Example: “Negotiations went down to the wire, but we reached an agreement.”

9. In the Nick of Time

Similar to ‘nick of time’, used for very narrowly meeting a deadline.

Example: “The application was submitted in the nick of time.”

10. Under the Wire

Appropriate for barely achieving something before a cutoff time.

Example: “The project was completed under the wire.”

11. Last-second

Used for decisions or actions taken at the very last possible moment.

Example: “A last-second change in the itinerary saved the business trip.”

12. At the Last Second

Similar to ‘last-second’, used for extremely late actions or decisions.

Example: “The team made a key decision at the last second.”

13. Last-ditch

Appropriate for a final effort, usually to avoid failure.

Example: “The manager made a last-ditch attempt to secure funding.”

14. Closing Stages

Used for the final phase of an activity or period.

Example: “In the closing stages of the project, the team worked overtime to finish.”

15. Last-gasp

Appropriate for a final attempt made in desperation.

Example: “The company’s last-gasp effort to avoid bankruptcy was successful.”

16. The 59th Minute

Used to denote action taken just before a deadline expires.

Example: “In the 59th minute, the deal was finally approved.”

17. Dying Moments

Appropriate for the very end of a period or event.

Example: “In the dying moments of the fiscal year, a key investment was made.”

18. At the Eleventh Hour

Similar to ‘eleventh-hour’, used for actions taken very late in a process.

Example: “At the eleventh hour, the team solved the critical issue.”

19. Last Moment

Used for the very end of a time period or deadline.

Example: “Changes were made in the last moment before the product’s release.”

20. In the Final Hour

Appropriate for actions or decisions made at the end of a long process.

Example: “In the final hour, the committee reached a consensus.”

Linda Brown