What Is Another Way to Say “Right Now”?

Looking for synonyms for right now? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say right now.

  • Immediately
  • Instantly
  • At once
  • Presently
  • Straightaway
  • Without delay
  • This instant
  • Forthwith
  • In a flash
  • On the spot
  • Pronto
  • Right away
  • At this moment
  • Instantaneously
  • In no time

Want to learn how to say right now professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Immediately

Used to convey urgency and the need for quick action in a professional setting.
Example: “Please address the client’s concerns immediately to maintain good relations.”

2. Instantly

Appropriate when a response or action is required with no delay.
Example: “The system update needs to be applied instantly to prevent security breaches.”

3. At once

Indicates that something needs to be done without any hesitation or delay.
Example: “We must rectify the accounting error at once to ensure accurate financial reporting.”

4. Presently

Suitable for situations where an action is happening at the current time or very soon.
Example: “She will be joining the meeting presently to provide her expert insights.”

5. Straightaway

Used when immediate action is necessary without any intervening time.
Example: “Please send out the revised proposal straightaway to meet the submission deadline.”

6. Without delay

Emphasizes the importance of not postponing an action or decision.
Example: “The technical team should start the system diagnostics without delay.”

7. This instant

Conveys a sense of extreme immediacy and urgency.
Example: “The network breach needs to be addressed this instant to prevent data loss.”

8. Forthwith

Formal synonym for immediate action, often used in legal or formal business contexts.
Example: “The compliance discrepancies must be corrected forthwith to adhere to regulations.”

9. In a flash

Informal way to express very quick action or response.
Example: “He resolved the client’s issue in a flash, showcasing excellent customer service.”

10. On the spot

Indicates taking immediate action or making an immediate decision.
Example: “The manager decided on the spot to approve the budget for the urgent project.”

11. Pronto

Informal and emphatic way to say that something needs to be done quickly.
Example: “Get those documents to the legal team, pronto!”

12. Right away

Expresses the need for immediate action without any delay.
Example: “Please start processing the order right away to ensure timely delivery.”

13. At this moment

Indicates that something is happening or needs to happen now.
Example: “At this moment, our priority is to stabilize the server.”

14. Instantaneously

Used to describe something happening without any perceivable delay.
Example: “The response to the emergency alert needs to be instantaneous to ensure safety.”

15. In no time

Implies that an action will happen very quickly or immediately.
Example: “With our new process, we’ll have the issue resolved in no time.”

Linda Brown