What Is Another Way to Say “At Least”?

Looking for synonyms for at least? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say at least.

  • Minimum
  • No less than
  • At the minimum
  • At a minimum
  • Not less than
  • Bare minimum
  • Not fewer than
  • Not lower than
  • At the very least
  • At the bare minimum
  • As a minimum
  • No fewer than
  • At the least
  • Not under
  • If nothing else
  • No shorter than
  • No smaller than
  • Not beneath
  • Not shorter than
  • Leastways

Want to learn how to say at least professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Minimum

Use “minimum” to indicate the least amount or quantity achievable, allowable, or required.
Example: A minimum of three years’ experience is required for this position.

2. No less than

“No less than” is suitable for emphasizing that an amount or number is surprisingly large.
Example: The project received no less than ten accolades for its innovation.

3. At the minimum

Use “at the minimum” to specify the least that can be expected or considered.
Example: At the minimum, the software update will improve processing speed.

4. At a minimum

“At a minimum” is used for indicating the smallest degree or amount possible.
Example: Each team member should attend, at a minimum, one training session per year.

5. Not less than

Use “not less than” to specify that the amount or number should not be smaller than the stated figure.
Example: The budget for this project is not less than $50,000.

6. Bare minimum

“Bare minimum” describes the least possible amount or level.
Example: We need to meet the bare minimum standards to pass the audit.

7. Not fewer than

Use “not fewer than” for indicating a number that should not be smaller than a certain figure.
Example: The survey requires responses from not fewer than 100 participants.

8. Not lower than

“Not lower than” is suitable for specifying a limit or minimum level.
Example: The company’s annual revenue has been not lower than $2 million for the past three years.

9. At the very least

Use “at the very least” to suggest that the amount or number mentioned is the smallest or least that is true, acceptable, or desirable.
Example: At the very least, we should update our current software to the latest version.

10. At the bare minimum

“At the bare minimum” is used for indicating the absolute least that can be accepted or achieved.
Example: At the bare minimum, we must ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

11. As a minimum

Use “as a minimum” to define the least that can be accepted or expected.
Example: As a minimum, every employee must complete basic health and safety training.

12. No fewer than

“No fewer than” is suitable for emphasizing a surprisingly large number.
Example: No fewer than 500 people attended the conference.

13. At the least

Use “at the least” to specify the minimum that can be expected or considered.
Example: The project will take, at the least, four months to complete.

14. Not under

“Not under” is used for specifying the least quantity or number.
Example: Not under 20% of the budget should be allocated to marketing.

15. If nothing else

Use “if nothing else” to suggest that something is at least true or certain.
Example: The new policy will, if nothing else, simplify the reporting process.

16. No shorter than

“No shorter than” is suitable for indicating a minimum length or duration.
Example: The training session should be no shorter than two hours.

17. No smaller than

Use “no smaller than” to indicate a minimum size or amount.
Example: Each team should have no smaller than five members.

18. Not beneath

“Not beneath” is used for setting a lower limit or standard.
Example: The quality of our products is not beneath the industry’s highest standards.

19. Not shorter than

Use “not shorter than” to specify a minimum length or duration.
Example: The contract period is not shorter than twelve months.

20. Leastways

“Leastways” is a colloquial or informal term for at least.
Example: We should, leastways, conduct a review of the current system.

Linda Brown