What Is Another Way to Say “Pave the Way”?

Looking for synonyms for pave the way? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say pave the way.

  • Lay the groundwork
  • Set the stage
  • Prepare the ground
  • Forge a path
  • Clear the path
  • Trailblaze
  • Establish a foundation
  • Open the door
  • Spearhead
  • Lead the way
  • Facilitate
  • Smooth the way
  • Create opportunities
  • Break new ground
  • Chart a course
  • Build a bridge
  • Cultivate the soil
  • Cut a path
  • Lay a base
  • Blaze a trail

Want to learn how to say pave the way professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Lay the groundwork

Use when establishing basic preparations for a project or initiative.
Example: “We must lay the groundwork for the upcoming merger to ensure its success.”

2. Set the stage

Appropriate for creating the right conditions for something to happen.
Example: “The new policy set the stage for increased innovation within the company.”

3. Prepare the ground

Used for making preparations or arrangements for something significant.
Example: “Our market research will prepare the ground for launching the new product.”

4. Forge a path

Ideal for creating a new way or method, often innovatively.
Example: “Her research in renewable energy forged a path for sustainable technologies.”

5. Clear the path

Use when removing obstacles or barriers to make progress easier.
Example: “The legal team worked diligently to clear the path for the new international partnership.”

6. Trailblaze

Suitable for being the first to do something, pioneering a new area.
Example: “This startup is trailblazing the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.”

7. Establish a foundation

Appropriate for creating a solid base for future development.
Example: “The training program is designed to establish a foundation for professional growth.”

8. Open the door

Used when creating opportunities or possibilities.
Example: “The collaboration with the tech giant opened the door to numerous business ventures.”

9. Spearhead

Ideal for leading an initiative or movement.
Example: “She spearheaded the campaign for digital transformation in the organization.”

10. Lead the way

Use when taking a leading position in an effort or movement.
Example: “Our company is leading the way in environmental sustainability practices.”

11. Facilitate

Appropriate for making a process easier or less complicated.
Example: “The new software facilitates efficient project management.”

12. Smooth the way

Used for making progress easier or less problematic.
Example: “Negotiations with the suppliers will smooth the way for smoother production schedules.”

13. Create opportunities

Suitable for generating chances for advancement or progress.
Example: “The new government regulations create opportunities for small businesses.”

14. Break new ground

Use when doing something innovative or pioneering.
Example: “Their research is breaking new ground in the field of genomics.”

15. Chart a course

Appropriate for planning a route or strategy, particularly in new territory.
Example: “The strategic planning committee will chart a course for the company’s expansion.”

16. Build a bridge

Used metaphorically for creating connections or overcoming divisions.
Example: “Building a bridge between our departments will enhance collaboration.”

17. Cultivate the soil

Metaphorically used for preparing for growth or development.
Example: “We need to cultivate the soil for innovative ideas through continuous learning.”

18. Cut a path

Suitable for creating a new route or way, especially through difficulty.
Example: “The new policy cuts a path for more streamlined internal processes.”

19. Lay a base

Use when establishing a basic structure or foundation.
Example: “Laying a base of trust is essential for effective team dynamics.”

20. Blaze a trail

Ideal for pioneering in an innovative or unconventional manner.
Example: “Their revolutionary design approach is blazing a trail in the industry.”

Linda Brown