What Is Another Way to Say “Cross Border”?

Looking for synonyms for cross border? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say cross border.

  • International
  • Transnational
  • Intercontinental
  • Global
  • Multinational
  • Transboundary
  • Worldwide
  • Transborder
  • Across borders
  • Intercultural
  • Cross-cultural
  • Interregional
  • Transregional
  • Interterritorial
  • Transcontinental

Want to learn how to say cross border professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. International

Appropriate Use: Suitable for activities or entities involving two or more countries.
Example: “The company expanded its operations to international markets.”

2. Transnational

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing processes, companies, or issues that extend beyond national boundaries.
Example: “Transnational corporations play a significant role in global economics.”

3. Intercontinental

Appropriate Use: Best used when referring to activities or connections between continents.
Example: “The airline launched intercontinental flights to improve global connectivity.”

4. Global

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing actions or entities that have a worldwide scope or impact.
Example: “The organization aimed to address global environmental concerns.”

5. Multinational

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for businesses or activities that involve or operate in several countries.
Example: “The multinational company had offices in over 50 countries.”

6. Transboundary

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations or issues that cross or extend beyond political or geographical boundaries.
Example: “Transboundary water management is crucial for regional cooperation.”

7. Worldwide

Appropriate Use: Best for activities, organizations, or events that have a global presence or impact.
Example: “The campaign gained worldwide attention, spreading awareness about the cause.”

8. Transborder

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing something that crosses or spans across borders.
Example: “Transborder trade agreements facilitated economic growth in the region.”

9. Across Borders

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for actions or initiatives that occur between different countries or regions.
Example: “The charity worked across borders to provide aid to those in need.”

10. Intercultural

Appropriate Use: Ideal for interactions or activities that involve different cultures, often in an international context.
Example: “The intercultural exchange program promoted understanding and cooperation.”

11. Cross-cultural

Appropriate Use: Suitable for situations involving or combining elements from different cultures.
Example: “Cross-cultural communication is essential in global business strategies.”

12. Interregional

Appropriate Use: Best used for activities or issues that concern or span multiple regions.
Example: “Interregional cooperation led to a more coordinated disaster response strategy.”

13. Transregional

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for describing connections or activities that extend across different regions.
Example: “Transregional trade networks have bolstered economic development.”

14. Interterritorial

Appropriate Use: Suitable for processes or agreements involving multiple territories or jurisdictions.
Example: “Interterritorial negotiations were key in resolving the border dispute.”

15. Transcontinental

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing actions or connections that span across continents.
Example: “The transcontinental railway project significantly reduced travel time between regions.”

Linda Brown