What Is Another Way to Say “Negative Impact”?

Looking for synonyms for negative impact? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say negative impact.

  • Detrimental effect
  • Adverse effect
  • Harmful consequence
  • Damaging impact
  • Deleterious effect
  • Unfavorable outcome
  • Negative repercussion
  • Injurious impact
  • Disadvantageous result
  • Unwelcome effect
  • Pernicious influence
  • Detractive impact
  • Baleful effect
  • Noxious consequence
  • Unpropitious effect
  • Disastrous outcome
  • Unfavorable consequence
  • Destructive impact
  • Disadvantageous influence
  • Undesirable effect

Want to learn how to say negative impact professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Detrimental Effect

Used to describe a damaging or harmful outcome.

Example: “The prolonged use of outdated technology had a detrimental effect on the company’s efficiency.”

2. Adverse Effect

Appropriate for a result that is contrary to the desired or beneficial outcome.

Example: “The new regulations had an adverse effect on the small business sector.”

3. Harmful Consequence

Used when referring to a result that causes damage or harm.

Example: “The lack of data security measures led to harmful consequences for the client’s privacy.”

4. Damaging Impact

Appropriate for describing a situation that causes significant harm or damage.

Example: “The economic downturn had a damaging impact on the company’s revenue.”

5. Deleterious Effect

Used for an outcome that is harmful or damaging.

Example: “The deleterious effect of poor management on employee morale was evident.”

6. Unfavorable Outcome

Appropriate for a result that is not beneficial or desirable.

Example: “The marketing campaign had an unfavorable outcome, leading to a decline in sales.”

7. Negative Repercussion

Used to describe a consequence that is harmful or unfavorable.

Example: “The decision to cut costs had negative repercussions on product quality.”

8. Injurious Impact

Appropriate for a situation causing injury or damage.

Example: “The injurious impact of the policy change on employee trust was significant.”

9. Disadvantageous Result

Used when an outcome is unfavorable or puts someone at a disadvantage.

Example: “The new tax laws had a disadvantageous result for small business owners.”

10. Unwelcome Effect

Appropriate for an outcome that is not wanted or is displeasing.

Example: “The abrupt changes in management had an unwelcome effect on the team’s dynamics.”

11. Pernicious Influence

Used for a situation that has a highly harmful or destructive effect.

Example: “The pernicious influence of corrupt practices threatened the company’s integrity.”

12. Detractive Impact

Appropriate for something that diminishes the value, quality, or effectiveness of something.

Example: “The negative press coverage had a detractive impact on the brand’s reputation.”

13. Baleful Effect

Used for a situation or action that has a harmful or destructive effect.

Example: “The baleful effect of poor financial planning put the project at risk.”

14. Noxious Consequence

Appropriate for an outcome that is harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant.

Example: “The noxious consequences of pollution are a major concern for the manufacturing industry.”

15. Unpropitious Effect

Used to describe an outcome that is not favorable or is unlucky.

Example: “The unpropitious effect of the market crash was felt across the industry.”

16. Disastrous Outcome

Appropriate for an outcome that is catastrophic or ruinous.

Example: “The software glitch had a disastrous outcome, resulting in significant data loss.”

17. Unfavorable Consequence

Used for a result that is disadvantageous or adverse.

Example: “The new international trade policy had several unfavorable consequences for exporters.”

18. Destructive Impact

Appropriate for an outcome that causes destruction or significant harm.

Example: “The cyber-attack had a destructive impact on the company’s digital infrastructure.”

19. Disadvantageous Influence

Used to describe a situation that results in a disadvantage.

Example: “The fluctuating currency rates had a disadvantageous influence on the company’s global pricing strategy.”

20. Undesirable Effect

Appropriate for an outcome that is not wanted or is harmful.

Example: “The merger had several undesirable effects, including a loss of key personnel.”

Linda Brown