What Is Another Way to Say “Magnum Opus”?

Looking for synonyms for magnum opus? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say magnum opus.

  • Masterpiece
  • Crowning achievement
  • Tour de force
  • Chef-d’oeuvre
  • Opus magnum
  • Great work
  • Magnum opus
  • Pièce de résistance
  • Lifework
  • Pinnacle work
  • Masterwork
  • Showpiece
  • Defining work
  • Landmark work
  • Signature piece

Want to learn how to say magnum opus professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Masterpiece

Used to describe a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

  • Example: “Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is often considered his masterpiece in the world of art.”

2. Crowning Achievement

Refers to the greatest achievement in someone’s career.

  • Example: “Winning the Nobel Prize was the crowning achievement of her scientific career.”

3. Tour de Force

Used for a work that is noted for its complexity, skill, or innovation.

  • Example: “His latest novel is a tour de force of literary creativity and insight.”

4. Chef-d’oeuvre

A French term for a masterwork, especially in the arts.

  • Example: “The architect’s chef-d’oeuvre was the innovative design of the new museum.”

5. Opus Magnum

Latin for ‘great work,’ often used interchangeably with ‘magnum opus.’

  • Example: “The composer’s opus magnum was a symphony that took over a decade to complete.”

6. Great Work

A general term for a work of considerable importance or quality.

  • Example: “Her great work in the field of environmental science has been influential worldwide.”

7. Magnum Opus

The most important work of a writer, artist, or composer.

  • Example: “Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is considered his magnum opus.”

8. Pièce de Résistance

A French phrase used to describe the most important or remarkable feature.

  • Example: “The pièce de résistance of his career was the groundbreaking research on renewable energy.”

9. Lifework

Work or achievement that one devotes their life to.

  • Example: “The comprehensive dictionary was the lifework of the renowned linguist.”

10. Pinnacle Work

Refers to the highest or most successful point in someone’s career.

  • Example: “The award-winning design project was the pinnacle work of her architectural career.”

11. Masterwork

A work done with extraordinary skill, especially an artist’s greatest work.

  • Example: “His masterwork in sculpture is admired for its intricate detail and emotional depth.”

12. Showpiece

A work that is intended to display one’s best efforts or accomplishments.

  • Example: “The innovative software became the showpiece of the company’s technological prowess.”

13. Defining Work

A work that defines or represents the most important aspect of someone’s career or ability.

  • Example: “Her defining work on social justice has shaped the field for decades.”

14. Landmark Work

A work that is highly significant or represents a pivotal point in a field or genre.

  • Example: “His landmark work in genetic research has been a major contribution to medical science.”

15. Signature Piece

A work that is characteristic of or identified with a particular artist or creator.

  • Example: “The signature piece of the artist features his unique style of abstract expressionism.”

Linda Brown