What Is Another Way to Say “On Track”?

Looking for synonyms for on track? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say on track.

  • On course
  • On target
  • On schedule
  • In line
  • Progressing well
  • On the right path
  • On point
  • In alignment
  • Following the plan
  • As planned
  • Meeting goals
  • On the right track
  • Heading in the right direction
  • Keeping pace
  • According to plan
  • On the mark
  • On the ball
  • In accordance with expectations
  • Keeping to the timeline
  • Within the projected timeframe

Want to learn how to say on track professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. On Course

Appropriate Use: Following the planned or intended path.
Example: “The project is on course to be completed by the end of the month.”

2. On Target

Appropriate Use: Meeting the expected goals or milestones.
Example: “Sales figures for this quarter are on target with our forecasts.”

3. On Schedule

Appropriate Use: Proceeding at the planned or expected rate or time.
Example: “The construction work is on schedule and should be finished by next summer.”

4. In Line

Appropriate Use: Conforming to a standard or expectation.
Example: “The development process is in line with the company’s quality standards.”

5. Progressing Well

Appropriate Use: Advancing in a favorable manner.
Example: “The new employee training program is progressing well.”

6. On the Right Path

Appropriate Use: Heading in a direction that is likely to lead to a good result.
Example: “After some initial challenges, the team is now on the right path to success.”

7. On Point

Appropriate Use: Exactly right; appropriate or well-executed.
Example: “The marketing campaign was on point and effectively reached our target audience.”

8. In Alignment

Appropriate Use: Matching or in accordance with a particular route, direction, or set of conditions.
Example: “Our goals for this year are in alignment with the overall strategic vision of the company.”

9. Following the Plan

Appropriate Use: Acting or proceeding in accordance with a predetermined plan.
Example: “The team is diligently following the plan to ensure a successful product launch.”

10. As Planned

Appropriate Use: According to the predetermined plan or arrangement.
Example: “The software update was released as planned with no significant issues.”

11. Meeting Goals

Appropriate Use: Achieving or fulfilling the objectives set.
Example: “We are meeting goals set for customer acquisition this quarter.”

12. On the Right Track

Appropriate Use: Moving or developing in a positive or desirable way.
Example: “With these improvements, we’re definitely on the right track.”

13. Heading in the Right Direction

Appropriate Use: Moving towards a positive or desired outcome.
Example: “The changes in policy are heading in the right direction for company growth.”

14. Keeping Pace

Appropriate Use: Moving or progressing at the same speed as someone or something else.
Example: “The team is keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape.”

15. According to Plan

Appropriate Use: Happening or developing as scheduled or intended.
Example: “Everything in the project is proceeding according to plan.”

16. On the Mark

Appropriate Use: Accurate or correct in all aspects.
Example: “The financial forecast for this quarter was right on the mark.”

17. On the Ball

Appropriate Use: Alert and efficient; quick to understand and react.
Example: “The customer service team is really on the ball with responding to client queries.”

18. In Accordance with Expectations

Appropriate Use: In agreement with what was expected or planned.
Example: “The product’s performance is in accordance with our expectations.”

19. Keeping to the Timeline

Appropriate Use: Adhering to the set schedule or timeline.
Example: “The project is keeping to the timeline, despite some early challenges.”

20. Within the Projected Timeframe

Appropriate Use: Occurring within the estimated or planned period.
Example: “The IT upgrade is expected to be completed within the projected timeframe.”

Linda Brown