What Is Another Way to Say “Guilty Pleasure”?

Looking for synonyms for guilty pleasure? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say guilty pleasure.

  • Secret indulgence
  • Hidden vice
  • Closet enjoyment
  • Personal treat
  • Private fancy
  • Stealthy delight
  • Covert passion
  • Unadmitted preference
  • Undisclosed liking
  • Concealed fascination
  • Quiet passion
  • Slight obsession
  • Unconfessed enthusiasm
  • Undercover hobby
  • Hush-hush habit
  • Veiled enjoyment
  • Sneaky pastime
  • Incognito interest
  • Under-the-radar activity
  • Shrouded hobby

Want to learn how to say guilty pleasure professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Secret Indulgence

Used to describe a pleasure enjoyed privately and not widely shared.

  • Example: “Watching old cartoons is her secret indulgence after a long week at work.”

2. Hidden Vice

Refers to a private activity or habit that one may consider a weakness.

  • Example: “He considered his love for celebrity gossip magazines a hidden vice.”

3. Closet Enjoyment

Indicates a source of pleasure not openly acknowledged or displayed.

  • Example: “Her closet enjoyment involves binge-watching reality TV shows.”

4. Personal Treat

Used for an activity or item that one indulges in for personal pleasure.

  • Example: “Buying luxury stationery items is a personal treat she allows herself.”

5. Private Fancy

Refers to a preference or liking kept to oneself.

  • Example: “Collecting vintage comic books is his private fancy.”

6. Stealthy Delight

Indicates a pleasure enjoyed in a secretive or unobtrusive manner.

  • Example: “Her stealthy delight is eating dessert first when dining alone.”

7. Covert Passion

Used to describe an intense interest kept hidden from others.

  • Example: “He had a covert passion for writing poetry, which few of his colleagues knew about.”

8. Unadmitted Preference

Refers to a liking or preference that one is reluctant to acknowledge openly.

  • Example: “Her unadmitted preference for cheesy romantic novels was her escape from stress.”

9. Undisclosed Liking

Indicates a fondness or liking not publicly revealed.

  • Example: “She had an undisclosed liking for singing karaoke, a fact she kept from her coworkers.”

10. Concealed Fascination

Used to describe a strong interest kept hidden from others.

  • Example: “His concealed fascination with astrology often surprised those who knew him.”

11. Quiet Passion

Refers to a strong, deep interest or enthusiasm not openly expressed.

  • Example: “She had a quiet passion for landscape painting, a hobby she pursued in private.”

12. Slight Obsession

Indicates a minor but persistent preoccupation or interest.

  • Example: “He had a slight obsession with collecting rare stamps from around the world.”

13. Unconfessed Enthusiasm

Used to describe a keen interest or excitement about something not publicly admitted.

  • Example: “Despite her professional demeanor, she had an unconfessed enthusiasm for animated movies.”

14. Undercover Hobby

Refers to a hobby or activity pursued privately.

  • Example: “Her undercover hobby was making handmade greeting cards.”

15. Hush-Hush Habit

Indicates a habit or practice kept secret from others.

  • Example: “Her hush-hush habit was watching soap operas late at night.”

16. Veiled Enjoyment

Used to describe pleasure derived from something in a subtle or hidden way.

  • Example: “His veiled enjoyment of gossip blogs was known only to his closest friends.”

17. Sneaky Pastime

Refers to a pastime or hobby indulged in secretly or stealthily.

  • Example: “Her sneaky pastime was playing video games after her family went to bed.”

18. Incognito Interest

Indicates an interest pursued anonymously or without public recognition.

  • Example: “He had an incognito interest in competitive baking shows.”

19. Under-the-Radar Activity

Used for activities engaged in quietly or without attracting attention.

  • Example: “Participating in online forums about science fiction was her under-the-radar activity.”

20. Shrouded Hobby

Refers to a hobby kept hidden or obscured from public view.

  • Example: “Her shrouded hobby, unknown to many, was collecting rare, vintage wines.”

Linda Brown