What Is Another Way to Say “With Regard To”?

Looking for synonyms for with regard to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say with regard to.

  • Regarding
  • Concerning
  • In relation to
  • With respect to
  • Pertaining to
  • As for
  • In regard to
  • In terms of
  • With reference to
  • About
  • As regards
  • In the matter of
  • In connection with
  • Relative to
  • On the subject of
  • As to
  • With regards to
  • Vis-à-vis
  • Speaking of
  • In light of
  • As it pertains to
  • Considering
  • When it comes to
  • With respect to
  • In the context of

Want to learn how to say with regard to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Regarding

Appropriate Use: About or concerning a specific topic.
Example: “Regarding the upcoming project, we need to allocate resources efficiently.”

2. Concerning

Appropriate Use: Relating to a specific matter or subject.
Example: “The report submitted concerning market trends was insightful.”

3. In relation to

Appropriate Use: Connected with or relevant to a subject.
Example: “In relation to your query, we have updated the guidelines accordingly.”

4. With respect to

Appropriate Use: Concerning or in regards to something.
Example: “With respect to your proposal, we have some suggestions for improvement.”

5. Pertaining to

Appropriate Use: About or relevant to a particular matter.
Example: “Please find the attached documents pertaining to the contract.”

6. As for

Appropriate Use: Used to introduce a subject or aspect that is different from a previous one.
Example: “As for the budget allocation, it will be discussed in tomorrow’s meeting.”

7. In regard to

Appropriate Use: Concerning or about something.
Example: “In regard to your email, I will respond with detailed feedback by EOD.”

8. In terms of

Appropriate Use: With regard to; in reference to.
Example: “In terms of revenue, the last quarter showed significant improvement.”

9. With reference to

Appropriate Use: Referring to something; concerning.
Example: “With reference to our previous conversation, I have made the necessary changes.”

10. About

Appropriate Use: Concerning or on the subject of.
Example: “The meeting about the new marketing strategy is scheduled for Monday.”

11. As regards

Appropriate Use: Regarding or concerning.
Example: “As regards the client feedback, it has been overwhelmingly positive.”

12. In the matter of

Appropriate Use: Concerning a specific topic or issue.
Example: “In the matter of the disputed invoice, a resolution has been reached.”

13. In connection with

Appropriate Use: Related to; in relation to.
Example: “An investigation is underway in connection with the data breach.”

14. Relative to

Appropriate Use: In relation to something.
Example: “Relative to the current market scenario, our strategy needs to adapt.”

15. On the subject of

Appropriate Use: Talking about a specific topic.
Example: “On the subject of the annual budget, further discussions are necessary.”

16. As to

Appropriate Use: Concerning or regarding.
Example: “There is still some uncertainty as to the timeline for project completion.”

17. With regards to

Appropriate Use: Concerning or about something.
Example: “With regards to your request, it has been approved by the management.”

18. Vis-à-vis

Appropriate Use: In relation to; compared with.
Example: “The team’s performance vis-à-vis last year has significantly improved.”

19. Speaking of

Appropriate Use: Used to introduce a related point.
Example: “Speaking of deadlines, the final report is due next week.”

20. In light of

Appropriate Use: Considering something; because of.
Example: “In light of recent developments, we need to revise our strategy.”

21. As it pertains to

Appropriate Use: Regarding or relating to.
Example: “As it pertains to the policy changes, all departments will be affected.”

22. Considering

Appropriate Use: Taking something into account.
Example: “Considering the budget constraints, we need to prioritize our projects.”

23. When it comes to

Appropriate Use: Regarding or concerning a specific topic.
Example: “When it comes to customer service, our team excels.”

24. With respect to

Appropriate Use: Concerning or in regards to something.
Example: “We have made significant progress with respect to the product development.”

25. In the context of

Appropriate Use: Within the framework or environment of something.
Example: “In the context of global expansion, language barriers must be considered.”

Linda Brown