What Is Another Way to Say “Let Them Know”?

Looking for synonyms for let them know? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say let them know.

  • Inform them
  • Notify them
  • Advise them
  • Make them aware
  • Tell them
  • Apprise them
  • Update them
  • Communicate to them
  • Brief them
  • Alert them
  • Give them a heads up
  • Relay the information to them
  • Share with them
  • Enlighten them
  • Keep them in the loop

Want to learn how to say let them know professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Inform Them

Used in formal or official communications.

  • Example: “Please inform them about the changes in the meeting schedule.”

2. Notify Them

Appropriate for giving specific information, often about changes or updates.

  • Example: “Notify them as soon as the new software is installed.”

3. Advise Them

Suitable for situations where the information provided includes recommendations or advice.

  • Example: “Advise them of the best practices for data security.”

4. Make Them Aware

Used when ensuring that someone is conscious or knowledgeable about something.

  • Example: “Make them aware of the deadlines for the project submissions.”

5. Tell Them

Appropriate for informal or direct communication.

  • Example: “Tell them the time of tomorrow’s team briefing.”

6. Apprise Them

Suitable for formal contexts, implying the provision of important or relevant information.

  • Example: “Apprise them of any updates to the client’s portfolio.”

7. Update Them

Used when providing the latest information or developments.

  • Example: “Update them on the progress of the marketing campaign.”

8. Communicate to Them

Appropriate for both formal and informal contexts, involving the transfer of information.

  • Example: “Communicate to them the importance of adhering to the new policies.”

9. Brief Them

Used when giving a summary or overview of essential information, often in a formal setting.

  • Example: “Brief them on the objectives of the upcoming project.”

10. Alert Them

Appropriate for urgent or important communications, often requiring immediate attention.

  • Example: “Alert them to the potential risks identified in the report.”

11. Give Them a Heads Up

Informal way of notifying someone in advance about something.

  • Example: “Give them a heads up about the impending system upgrade.”

12. Relay the Information to Them

Suitable for passing on information received from another source.

  • Example: “Relay the information to them about the client’s feedback.”

13. Share with Them

Used in a collaborative or informal context.

  • Example: “Share with them the insights you gained from the conference.”

14. Enlighten Them

Appropriate for providing insightful or enlightening information.

  • Example: “Enlighten them about the long-term benefits of the new strategy.”

15. Keep Them in the Loop

Used when ensuring someone stays informed about ongoing developments.

  • Example: “Keep them in the loop about the decision-making process.”

Linda Brown