What Is Another Way to Say “Point Out”?

Looking for synonyms for point out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say point out.

  • Highlight
  • Indicate
  • Show
  • Demonstrate
  • Emphasize
  • Identify
  • Reveal
  • Bring to attention
  • Mention
  • Note
  • Illustrate
  • Specify
  • Call attention to
  • Draw attention to
  • Underline
  • Spotlight
  • Acknowledge
  • Make known
  • Declare
  • Expose

Want to learn how to say point out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Highlight

Used to emphasize important information or details.

  • Example: The report highlights the key areas where the company needs to improve.

2. Indicate

Shows or points out something, often used in formal or scientific contexts.

  • Example: The data indicates a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

3. Show

A general term for making something clear or evident.

  • Example: The presentation shows the progression of the project’s milestones.

4. Demonstrate

Used when providing evidence or proof of something.

  • Example: The study demonstrates the effectiveness of the new drug.

5. Emphasize

To give special importance or prominence to something in speaking or writing.

  • Example: The CEO emphasized the importance of innovation in the company meeting.

6. Identify

Points out by naming or describing specific characteristics.

  • Example: The consultant identified several key areas for improvement.

7. Reveal

Used to make something known that was previously hidden or unknown.

  • Example: The financial report revealed the company’s outstanding debts.

8. Bring to attention

To make others aware of something.

  • Example: I would like to bring to your attention the recent changes in the policy.

9. Mention

Refers to stating or referring to something briefly or casually.

  • Example: The manager mentioned the upcoming deadlines in the meeting.

10. Note

Used to point out something significant or worthy of attention.

  • Example: Note the sharp increase in sales during the fourth quarter.

11. Illustrate

Used to explain or clarify something by providing examples.

  • Example: The speaker illustrated his point with a case study.

12. Specify

Indicates pointing out something in detail or with precision.

  • Example: The contract specifies the terms and conditions of the agreement.

13. Call attention to

Directs someone’s focus to something important or noteworthy.

  • Example: The report calls attention to the company’s growth over the past year.

14. Draw attention to

Similar to ‘call attention to’, it’s used to direct focus to something.

  • Example: The article draws attention to the environmental impact of overfishing.

15. Underline

Used to emphasize or stress something as important.

  • Example: The training session underlined the need for better safety protocols.

16. Spotlight

To focus attention on a particular issue or aspect.

  • Example: The conference spotlighted the latest developments in renewable energy.

17. Acknowledge

Recognizes or admits the existence or truth of something.

  • Example: The company acknowledged the challenges in the annual report.

18. Make known

To communicate or declare something.

  • Example: The director made known her intentions to expand the company overseas.

19. Declare

Formally announces something.

  • Example: The government declared its plans to invest in new infrastructure.

20. Expose

Reveals something hidden, unknown, or surprising.

  • Example: The investigation exposed the inefficiencies in the department’s processes.

Linda Brown