What Is Another Way to Say “Buy In”?

Looking for synonyms for buy in? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say buy in.

  • Invest in
  • Acquire
  • Purchase
  • Procure
  • Obtain
  • Secure
  • Get
  • Pick up
  • Take ownership of
  • Gain possession of
  • Snap up
  • Lay hands on
  • Get hold of
  • Come by
  • Attain

Want to learn how to say buy in professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Invest in

Appropriate for situations involving financial investment in assets or businesses.
Example: “The company decided to invest in a new start-up to diversify its portfolio.”

2. Acquire

Used for obtaining something, often in a business context, such as purchasing another company.
Example: “Our firm recently acquired a smaller competitor to expand our market reach.”

3. Purchase

A general term for buying, suitable for various contexts from everyday transactions to business deals.
Example: “The department approved the purchase of new software to improve productivity.”

4. Procure

Appropriate in a business or formal setting, especially when obtaining supplies or services through a careful process.
Example: “We need to procure additional equipment for the upcoming project.”

5. Obtain

Used for getting something, often through effort or a process, in various contexts.
Example: “The team worked hard to obtain the necessary permits for the new construction.”

6. Secure

Appropriate when acquiring something with effort or through a process that ensures its availability or safety.
Example: “The company secured a patent for its innovative technology.”

7. Get

A casual term for buying or acquiring something, suitable for informal business discussions.
Example: “We need to get more office supplies for the new staff.”

8. Pick up

Informal, used for purchasing something or taking possession of it, often implying convenience or routine.
Example: “I’ll pick up the new laptops for the team on my way to work tomorrow.”

9. Take ownership of

Used in a context where one assumes control or responsibility for something, typically in a business or legal setting.
Example: “The CEO announced that the company would take ownership of the failed project and work towards rectifying the issues.”

10. Gain possession of

Appropriate in formal contexts, emphasizing the act of coming into possession of something.
Example: “Through the merger, the company gained possession of several valuable intellectual properties.”

11. Snap up

Informal, used when quickly or eagerly buying something, often because it’s desirable or in limited supply.
Example: “As soon as the new product was released, several clients snapped it up.”

12. Lay hands on

Colloquial, used for managing to find and acquire something, sometimes with difficulty.
Example: “We finally laid hands on the rare components needed for our prototype.”

13. Get hold of

Informal, similar to ‘lay hands on’, used for obtaining something, possibly with some effort.
Example: “It took some time, but we managed to get hold of the software license required for our operations.”

14. Come by

Used in contexts where acquiring something may involve effort or luck.
Example: “Good programmers are hard to come by in the current job market.”

15. Attain

Suitable for contexts where acquiring something involves a process or achievement.
Example: “After months of negotiation, the company attained a significant share in the emerging market.”

Linda Brown