What Is Another Way to Say “Part Of”?

Looking for synonyms for part of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say part of.

  • Component of
  • Element of
  • Portion of
  • Piece of
  • Segment of
  • Constituent of
  • Section of
  • Fraction of
  • Subset of
  • Member of
  • Division of
  • Unit of
  • Feature of
  • Aspect of
  • Detail of

Want to learn how to say part of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Component of

Appropriate Use: Referring to an integral part that contributes to the whole.
Example: The new software module is a key component of our IT infrastructure upgrade.

2. Element of

Appropriate Use: To describe a basic or essential part of something larger.
Example: Customer feedback is an important element of our product development process.

3. Portion of

Appropriate Use: To refer to a part or share of something larger.
Example: A significant portion of our budget is allocated to research and development.

4. Piece of

Appropriate Use: To denote a fragment or part of a larger whole.
Example: Each department plays a critical piece of the overall company strategy.

5. Segment of

Appropriate Use: Refers to a part of something that is separated from the whole in some way.
Example: Our marketing plan targets a specific segment of the consumer market.

6. Constituent of

Appropriate Use: To describe a part or component of a whole.
Example: Regular training sessions are a constituent of our employee development program.

7. Section of

Appropriate Use: To denote a distinct part within a larger entity.
Example: She manages the customer service section of the company.

8. Fraction of

Appropriate Use: To refer to a small or minor part of something.
Example: Only a fraction of the total sales comes from international markets.

9. Subset of

Appropriate Use: To describe a smaller part of a larger group.
Example: This survey focuses on a subset of our client base.

10. Member of

Appropriate Use: To indicate belonging to a group or collective.
Example: He is a respected member of our professional association.

11. Division of

Appropriate Use: To refer to a large and distinct part of an organization.
Example: She works in the European division of our company.

12. Unit of

Appropriate Use: To describe a single part of a larger group or system.
Example: Each unit of the curriculum contributes to the overall learning objectives.

13. Feature of

Appropriate Use: To describe a distinctive attribute or aspect of something.
Example: The new security protocol is a feature of the updated software.

14. Aspect of

Appropriate Use: To talk about a particular part or feature of something.
Example: One important aspect of this job is maintaining client relationships.

15. Detail of

Appropriate Use: To refer to an individual part of a larger operation or entity.
Example: She is in charge of every detail of the event planning process.

Linda Brown