What Is Another Way to Say “As For”?

Looking for synonyms for as for? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as for.

  • Regarding
  • Concerning
  • With respect to
  • In relation to
  • Pertaining to
  • As regards
  • In terms of
  • With regard to
  • In the matter of
  • As to
  • Speaking of
  • In reference to
  • When it comes to
  • In the context of
  • On the subject of
  • With reference to
  • In regard to
  • As it pertains to
  • In the case of
  • Vis-à-vis

Want to learn how to say as for professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Regarding

Appropriate Use: Suitable for specifically addressing or referring to a particular subject.
Example: “Regarding the upcoming merger, we have several points to discuss.”

2. Concerning

Appropriate Use: Ideal for introducing a topic or subject that is the focus of attention.
Example: “There are some new developments concerning the software update.”

3. With Respect to

Appropriate Use: Best used for addressing a particular aspect or detail of a larger topic.
Example: “With respect to the budget, we need to reassess our priorities.”

4. In Relation to

Appropriate Use: Suitable for making a connection or comparison with another subject.
Example: “In relation to our competitors, our product offers more features.”

5. Pertaining to

Appropriate Use: Ideal for discussing matters directly related to a specific topic.
Example: “Please provide the reports pertaining to the market research.”

6. As Regards

Appropriate Use: Best for transitioning to a new subject or topic of discussion.
Example: “As regards the team’s performance, there has been significant improvement.”

7. In Terms of

Appropriate Use: Suitable for discussing a specific aspect of a broader topic.
Example: “In terms of efficiency, the new system is far superior.”

8. With Regard to

Appropriate Use: Ideal for addressing or considering a specific matter or subject.
Example: “With regard to your inquiry, I’ll have the information by tomorrow.”

9. In the Matter of

Appropriate Use: Best for referring to a specific issue or subject under consideration.
Example: “In the matter of the disputed invoice, we’ve reached an agreement.”

10. As to

Appropriate Use: Suitable for introducing or referring to a specific point or matter.
Example: “There are still some questions as to the logistics of the event.”

11. Speaking of

Appropriate Use: Ideal for transitioning to a related topic or point.
Example: “Speaking of the quarterly report, have you reviewed the latest figures?”

12. In Reference to

Appropriate Use: Best for directly addressing a specific topic or subject.
Example: “In reference to your email, I’ve scheduled a meeting for us to discuss the issue.”

13. When it Comes to

Appropriate Use: Suitable for focusing on a particular topic or aspect.
Example: “When it comes to customer service, our team excels.”

14. In the Context of

Appropriate Use: Ideal for discussing something within a particular framework or situation.
Example: “In the context of the current market trends, we should adjust our strategy.”

15. On the Subject of

Appropriate Use: Best for transitioning to or introducing a new topic.
Example: “On the subject of the annual conference, I have some updates.”

16. With Reference to

Appropriate Use: Suitable for referring back to a previously mentioned topic or subject.
Example: “With reference to our earlier discussion, I have some additional thoughts.”

17. In Regard to

Appropriate Use: Ideal for addressing a specific topic or subject.
Example: “In regard to the policy changes, I’ll need everyone’s feedback by next week.”

18. As it Pertains to

Appropriate Use: Best for discussing relevant aspects or details of a subject.
Example: “As it pertains to the project timeline, we are currently ahead of schedule.”

19. In the Case of

Appropriate Use: Suitable for discussing a specific instance or example.
Example: “In the case of the new hire, her credentials are exceptional.”

20. Vis-à-vis

Appropriate Use: Ideal for discussing in relation to or compared with another subject.
Example: “Vis-à-vis our main competitor, our sales figures are very strong.”

Linda Brown