What Is Another Way to Say “In Tandem”?

Looking for synonyms for in tandem? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in tandem.

  • Together
  • Simultaneously
  • In unison
  • In concert
  • Alongside each other
  • In sync
  • Side by side
  • As a pair
  • In coordination
  • In collaboration

Want to learn how to say in tandem professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Together

“Together” is used in professional contexts to indicate two or more parties working in collaboration or partnership.

Example: “The marketing and sales teams worked together to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy.”

2. Simultaneously

“Simultaneously” is appropriate in professional situations where actions or processes occur at the same time.

Example: “The software updates were deployed simultaneously across all departments.”

3. In Unison

“In unison” is used in professional settings to describe actions or activities performed by a group in a coordinated and synchronized manner.

Example: “The team members voiced their agreement in unison during the meeting.”

4. In Concert

“In concert” is suitable for professional scenarios where two or more entities are collaborating closely to achieve a common goal.

Example: “The two companies are working in concert to develop a new technology.”

5. Alongside Each Other

“Alongside each other” is used to describe a situation in which two parties or groups are working parallel to each other in a professional context.

Example: “The research and development teams are working alongside each other on this project.”

6. In Sync

“In sync” is appropriate for professional environments where individuals or groups are working together harmoniously and efficiently.

Example: “Our global teams are in sync, thanks to the advanced communication tools we use.”

7. Side by Side

“Side by side” is used in professional settings to indicate close collaboration or partnership between two parties.

Example: “The mentor and mentee worked side by side on the challenging assignment.”

8. As a Pair

“As a pair” is suitable in professional contexts where two individuals or groups are collaborating closely on a task or project.

Example: “The designers worked as a pair to create a cohesive collection.”

9. In Coordination

“In coordination” is used when multiple parties or departments are working together in a planned and organized manner.

Example: “The event was successful due to the efforts of all teams working in coordination.”

10. In Collaboration

“In collaboration” is a common term in professional environments to describe a working relationship where two or more parties contribute jointly to a project or task.

Example: “The study was conducted in collaboration with several leading universities.”

Linda Brown