What Is Another Way to Say “How Much”?

Looking for synonyms for how much? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say how much.

  • What is the cost?
  • What’s the price?
  • How many?
  • What’s the amount?
  • What is the rate?
  • How much does it come to?
  • What’s the charge?
  • What do I owe?
  • What’s the total?
  • What’s the sum?

Want to learn how to say how much professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. What is the cost?

“What is the cost?” is used in professional settings when inquiring about the monetary value or expense of a product or service.

Example: “Before we proceed, could you tell me what is the cost of the premium service package?”

2. What’s the price?

“What’s the price?” is a direct and common way to ask about the cost of an item or service in a professional context.

Example: “I’m interested in your consulting services. What’s the price for a one-hour session?”

3. How many?

“How many?” is used in professional scenarios to inquire about the quantity or number of items, typically when dealing with inventory or data.

Example: “For our next order, how many units of the software will we need?”

4. What’s the amount?

“What’s the amount?” is appropriate in professional settings when asking about the quantity, degree, or extent of something, often relating to finances.

Example: “Can you confirm what’s the amount due for this invoice?”

5. What is the rate?

“What is the rate?” is used professionally to inquire about a price, charge, or level of payment, especially for services or hourly rates.

Example: “What is the rate for your graphic design services per hour?”

6. How much does it come to?

“How much does it come to?” is a way of asking for the total cost or sum, usually at the end of a transaction or when summarizing expenses.

Example: “We’ve added the additional services; how much does it come to now?”

7. What’s the charge?

“What’s the charge?” is a straightforward question in a professional context to inquire about the cost or fee for a service or product.

Example: “For the late delivery, what’s the charge that will be applied?”

8. What do I owe?

“What do I owe?” is typically used in financial transactions in a professional setting to ask about the amount of money that needs to be paid.

Example: “After completing the modifications, what do I owe for the extra work?”

9. What’s the total?

“What’s the total?” is a common way to ask for the final sum of various costs or charges in a professional environment.

Example: “With all the added features, what’s the total cost of the software package?”

10. What’s the sum?

“What’s the sum?” is used in professional contexts to inquire about the total amount, especially in financial and mathematical scenarios.

Example: “After combining all the project expenses, what’s the sum we need to allocate in the budget?”

Linda Brown