What Is Another Way to Say “Great Time”?

Looking for synonyms for great time? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say great time.

  • Fantastic experience
  • Wonderful moment
  • Enjoyable occasion
  • Memorable event
  • Delightful time
  • Pleasurable experience
  • Joyous celebration
  • Unforgettable experience
  • Entertaining affair
  • Amusing adventure
  • Thrilling escapade
  • Exhilarating experience
  • Blissful occasion
  • Captivating moment
  • Splendid time

Want to learn how to say great time professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Fantastic Experience

Used when describing an event or situation that was extraordinarily good and enjoyable, often in personal or professional settings.
Example: “The team-building retreat was a fantastic experience that improved our collaboration skills.”

2. Wonderful Moment

Appropriate for a specific point in time that was particularly pleasing or enjoyable, often used in celebratory contexts.
Example: “Winning the industry award was a wonderful moment for our company.”

3. Enjoyable Occasion

Ideal for an event or gathering that was pleasant and satisfying, often used in both formal and informal settings.
Example: “The annual conference was an enjoyable occasion with many insightful discussions.”

4. Memorable Event

Used when an event is noteworthy or unforgettable, often due to its significance or the impact it had.
Example: “The product launch turned out to be a memorable event for the entire team.”

5. Delightful Time

Suitable for describing a period or event that was very pleasant, often used in social or professional gatherings.
Example: “The dinner with our clients was a delightful time and strengthened our partnership.”

6. Pleasurable Experience

Appropriate for an event or activity that was enjoyable and gratifying, often in recreational or team activities.
Example: “The workshop provided a pleasurable experience and enhanced our skills.”

7. Joyous Celebration

Ideal for a happy and lively event or occasion, often used in contexts of achievements or milestones.
Example: “The company’s 25th anniversary was a joyous celebration of its history and success.”

8. Unforgettable Experience

Used for an event or situation that was so remarkable it will always be remembered, often in life-changing or significant scenarios.
Example: “Presenting at the international conference was an unforgettable experience in my career.”

9. Entertaining Affair

Suitable for an event that was amusing and enjoyable, often used in contexts like corporate events or team outings.
Example: “The annual holiday party was an entertaining affair that everyone looked forward to.”

10. Amusing Adventure

Appropriate for an experience that was fun and enjoyable, often with a sense of exploration or novelty.
Example: “The team’s offsite meeting turned into an amusing adventure with several team-building activities.”

11. Thrilling Escapade

Ideal for an exciting and adventurous experience, often used in the context of team excursions or adventurous activities.
Example: “Our corporate retreat included a thrilling escapade of mountain hiking.”

12. Exhilarating Experience

Used for an experience that was exciting and invigorating, often in contexts of challenging and rewarding activities.
Example: “Completing the challenging project on time was an exhilarating experience for the team.”

13. Blissful Occasion

Suitable for a very happy and joyful event, often used in celebrations or special gatherings.
Example: “The employee appreciation day was a blissful occasion for everyone at the office.”

14. Captivating Moment

Appropriate for a time that was very interesting or exciting, holding one’s complete attention, often in presentations or performances.
Example: “The CEO’s speech at the annual meeting was a captivating moment for the entire staff.”

15. Splendid Time

Used for a period or event that was excellent and enjoyable, often in the context of successful events or celebrations.
Example: “The team had a splendid time celebrating the successful completion of the project.”

Linda Brown