What Is Another Way to Say “Hand Out”?

Looking for synonyms for hand out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say hand out.

  • Distribute
  • Disseminate
  • Dispense
  • Allocate
  • Deliver
  • Issue
  • Administer
  • Give
  • Provide
  • Supply
  • Pass out
  • Dole out
  • Deal
  • Disburse
  • Apportion

Want to learn how to say hand out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Distribute

Appropriate Use: Suitable for giving items to a large number of people.
Example: “The company will distribute laptops to all its remote employees.”

2. Disseminate

Appropriate Use: Ideal for spreading or scattering something widely, especially information.
Example: “The HR department disseminated the new policy guidelines via email.”

3. Dispense

Appropriate Use: Used for distributing or providing a service or commodity.
Example: “The office manager is responsible for dispensing office supplies as needed.”

4. Allocate

Appropriate Use: Suitable for distributing resources or duties for a particular purpose.
Example: “Budgets were allocated to each department for the upcoming fiscal year.”

5. Deliver

Appropriate Use: Refers to bringing and handing over a letter, parcel, or ordered goods to the proper recipient.
Example: “The courier service will deliver the documents to our client.”

6. Issue

Appropriate Use: Ideal for officially giving out something to people.
Example: “The organization issued new ID badges to all its members.”

7. Administer

Appropriate Use: Used for managing or supervising the execution, use, or conduct of.
Example: “The teacher will administer the tests at the end of the week.”

8. Give

Appropriate Use: Suitable for freely transferring the possession of something to someone.
Example: “At the end of the seminar, the speakers give out handouts and reading materials.”

9. Provide

Appropriate Use: Refers to making available for use; supplying.
Example: “The company provides all the necessary equipment for its field workers.”

10. Supply

Appropriate Use: Ideal for making something needed or wanted available to someone.
Example: “The office supplies are regularly supplied by a contracted vendor.”

11. Pass out

Appropriate Use: Used for distributing things to people in a group.
Example: “During the meeting, the manager passed out the new project plans to the team.”

12. Dole out

Appropriate Use: Suitable for distributing something in portions.
Example: “The charity event volunteers doled out food to the participants.”

13. Deal

Appropriate Use: Refers to distributing cards to players in a game, but can extend to other items.
Example: “She dealt the promotional flyers to passersby at the event.”

14. Disburse

Appropriate Use: Ideal for paying out money from a fund.
Example: “The finance department disburses travel expenses to employees.”

15. Apportion

Appropriate Use: Used for dividing and allocating according to a plan or set proportions.
Example: “The project leader apportioned tasks among the team members based on their skills.”

Linda Brown