What Is Another Way to Say “Great Effort”?

Looking for synonyms for great effort? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say great effort.

  • Tremendous endeavor
  • Herculean effort
  • Strenuous exertion
  • Immense effort
  • Extraordinary effort
  • Remarkable undertaking
  • Exceptional endeavor
  • Considerable effort
  • Intensive labor
  • Prodigious effort
  • Significant exertion
  • Major undertaking
  • Substantial effort
  • Vigorous exertion
  • Admirable effort

Want to learn how to say great effort professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Tremendous Endeavor

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing a very large and demanding effort or project.
Example: “Completing the new infrastructure project on time was a tremendous endeavor for the team.”

2. Herculean Effort

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a task that requires exceptional strength, effort, or determination.
Example: “It was a herculean effort to turn the struggling company around within a year.”

3. Strenuous Exertion

Appropriate Use: Used for situations involving a lot of physical or mental effort.
Example: “The team’s strenuous exertion was evident in the successful product launch.”

4. Immense Effort

Appropriate Use: Suitable for efforts that are extremely large or great in scale.
Example: “Their immense effort in research and development has led to groundbreaking innovations.”

5. Extraordinary Effort

Appropriate Use: Ideal for an effort that goes beyond the usual or expected level.
Example: “Her extraordinary effort in customer service significantly improved client satisfaction ratings.”

6. Remarkable Undertaking

Appropriate Use: Used when a task or project is notably large, difficult, or unusual.
Example: “The construction of the new eco-friendly building was a remarkable undertaking.”

7. Exceptional Endeavor

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a project or effort that is outstanding or not typical.
Example: “Leading the global expansion was an exceptional endeavor that required strategic planning.”

8. Considerable Effort

Appropriate Use: Used for an effort that is large in amount, extent, or degree.
Example: “A considerable effort was made to ensure the safety of all employees during the pandemic.”

9. Intensive Labor

Appropriate Use: Ideal for work that requires a lot of energy, effort, or concentration.
Example: “The intensive labor involved in the software development process was commendable.”

10. Prodigious Effort

Appropriate Use: Suitable for an effort that is impressively large or done to a great degree.
Example: “Their prodigious effort in marketing resulted in a highly successful campaign.”

11. Significant Exertion

Appropriate Use: Used when a task requires a notably large amount of physical or mental work.
Example: “It required significant exertion to meet the tight deadlines for the project.”

12. Major Undertaking

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a very important or difficult project or task.
Example: “Organizing the international conference was a major undertaking for the team.”

13. Substantial Effort

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a considerable amount of effort or work.
Example: “A substantial effort was required to overhaul the company’s IT infrastructure.”

14. Vigorous Exertion

Appropriate Use: Used for an effort that is done with force, energy, or enthusiasm.
Example: “His vigorous exertion in training new employees significantly improved their skills.”

15. Admirable Effort

Appropriate Use: Suitable for an effort that deserves recognition or praise.
Example: “The team’s admirable effort in achieving their sales targets was acknowledged by the CEO.”

Linda Brown