What Is Another Way to Say “Freak Out”?

Looking for synonyms for freak out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say freak out.

  • Panic
  • Lose one’s cool
  • Go into a tizzy
  • Get worked up
  • Have a meltdown
  • Become hysterical
  • Overreact
  • Go ballistic
  • Hit the roof
  • Flip out
  • Lose it
  • Blow a gasket
  • Go off the deep end
  • Throw a fit
  • Go haywire

Want to learn how to say freak out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Panic

Appropriate Use: To describe a sudden, overwhelming fear that causes irrational behavior or decision-making.
Example: When the server crashed, the IT team managed not to panic and quickly restored the system.

2. Lose One’s Cool

Appropriate Use: To become visibly agitated or angry in a situation.
Example: During the heated meeting, she managed to not lose her cool and remained composed.

3. Go Into a Tizzy

Appropriate Use: To become excessively worried or excited about something.
Example: The team almost went into a tizzy when the client initially rejected the proposal.

4. Get Worked Up

Appropriate Use: To become very upset or emotional about a situation.
Example: He tends to get worked up over tight deadlines, but always delivers excellent work.

5. Have a Meltdown

Appropriate Use: To lose control emotionally, often due to stress or pressure.
Example: The manager had to calm an employee who was having a meltdown over the workload.

6. Become Hysterical

Appropriate Use: To react in an extremely emotional or panicked manner.
Example: It’s important to stay calm and not become hysterical in emergency situations.

7. Overreact

Appropriate Use: To respond to a situation with an excessive or disproportionate level of emotion or action.
Example: We should carefully assess the situation to ensure we do not overreact to the client’s feedback.

8. Go Ballistic

Appropriate Use: To become very angry or irrational.
Example: The supervisor almost went ballistic when he saw the error in the report.

9. Hit the Roof

Appropriate Use: To react with extreme anger.
Example: She hit the roof when she discovered the missed deadline but quickly focused on solutions.

10. Flip Out

Appropriate Use: To react in a way that is out of control or extreme, often due to anger or stress.
Example: He tends to flip out when under pressure, although he is an excellent strategist.

11. Lose It

Appropriate Use: To lose control over one’s emotions.
Example: The project manager nearly lost it when the client changed requirements at the last minute.

12. Blow a Gasket

Appropriate Use: To become extremely angry or upset.
Example: She almost blew a gasket when the team missed their targets but decided to focus on coaching instead.

13. Go Off the Deep End

Appropriate Use: To react in an extreme or irrational way.
Example: He’s known for going off the deep end during negotiations, which can be effective but risky.

14. Throw a Fit

Appropriate Use: To express anger or frustration in a very noticeable way.
Example: The client threw a fit over the contract terms, necessitating further discussions.

15. Go Haywire

Appropriate Use: To become extremely upset or out of control.
Example: The team’s plan went haywire after the unexpected regulatory changes.

Linda Brown