What Is Another Way to Say “Broad Range”?

Looking for synonyms for broad range? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say broad range.

  • Wide array
  • Extensive selection
  • Vast assortment
  • Comprehensive range
  • Wide variety
  • Large spectrum
  • Ample array
  • Diverse selection
  • Broad spectrum
  • Wide scope
  • Expansive range
  • Varied assortment
  • Extensive variety
  • Wide range
  • Multifaceted selection
  • Diverse range
  • Expansive selection
  • Ample variety
  • Varied selection
  • Broad array

Want to learn how to say broad range professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Wide Array

Used when referring to a large and varied collection of items or options.
Example: “Our store offers a wide array of kitchen gadgets for every type of cook.”

2. Extensive Selection

Ideal for emphasizing the large number of choices available within a collection.
Example: “Customers appreciate the extensive selection of books available at our library.”

3. Vast Assortment

Highlights a very large variety of items, often implying a sense of overwhelming choice.
Example: “The online marketplace is known for its vast assortment of handmade goods.”

4. Comprehensive Range

Suggests a collection that covers all possible needs or requirements within a category.
Example: “We provide a comprehensive range of financial services to meet every client’s needs.”

5. Wide Variety

Emphasizes the diversity within a collection, suggesting many different types or categories.
Example: “Our software offers a wide variety of tools designed for creative professionals.”

6. Large Spectrum

Refers to a broad and diverse range of items, often used in more technical or specialized contexts.
Example: “The study covers a large spectrum of data, from historical trends to current market analytics.”

7. Ample Array

Suggests a generous amount of choices without overwhelming, ideal for when variety is a positive feature.
Example: “The conference provided an ample array of workshops catering to different skill levels.”

8. Diverse Selection

Highlights the variety in terms of different kinds or categories within a collection.
Example: “Our team’s diverse selection of expertise allows us to tackle complex projects.”

9. Broad Spectrum

Similar to large spectrum, often used in scientific or technical contexts to indicate a wide range of categories or frequencies.
Example: “The medication is effective across a broad spectrum of symptoms.”

10. Wide Scope

Indicates a collection or series of items that covers a broad range of topics or areas.
Example: “The curriculum offers a wide scope of subjects, from science to humanities.”

11. Expansive Range

Suggests a collection that is extensive and wide-reaching, often with an implication of luxury or comprehensiveness.
Example: “Our resort offers an expansive range of activities, from golf to spa treatments.”

12. Varied Assortment

Emphasizes a collection that includes many different types, ideal for indicating choice and variety.
Example: “The bakery’s varied assortment of pastries includes something for every taste.”

13. Extensive Variety

Similar to extensive selection, focusing on the wide range of different options available.
Example: “The music festival features an extensive variety of genres, from jazz to electronic.”

14. Wide Range

A general term for a collection that spans a broad set of options or categories.
Example: “The company’s wide range of services includes everything from marketing to logistics.”

15. Multifaceted Selection

Indicates a selection that has many different aspects or features, often used to describe complex collections or services.
Example: “Our multifaceted selection of courses allows students to customize their education path.”

16. Diverse Range

Focuses on the diversity within a collection, emphasizing different kinds and options.
Example: “The app’s diverse range of features caters to users with various needs and preferences.”

17. Expansive Selection

Similar to expansive range, suggesting a large and comprehensive array of choices.
Example: “The art supply store boasts an expansive selection of materials for artists of all levels.”

18. Ample Variety

Indicates a collection with plenty of different options to choose from, without overwhelming.
Example: “The salad bar offers an ample variety of fresh ingredients, from greens to proteins.”

19. Varied Selection

Focuses on the presence of different types within a collection, offering something for everyone.
Example: “Our varied selection of vacation packages includes destinations for beach lovers and mountain enthusiasts alike.”

20. Broad Array

A general term emphasizing a wide and varied range of items or options.
Example: “The museum’s broad array of exhibits includes ancient artifacts and modern art.”

Linda Brown