What Is Another Way to Say “Went To”?

Looking for synonyms for went to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say went to.

  • Visited
  • Traveled to
  • Proceeded to
  • Headed to
  • Journeyed to
  • Made for
  • Went over to
  • Set out for
  • Arrived at
  • Advanced towards
  • Migrated to
  • Ventured to
  • Made one’s way to
  • Moved towards
  • Approached

Want to learn how to say went to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Visited

Appropriate Use: Indicates going to a place for a short period, usually for leisure or informal purposes.
Example: “The manager visited the regional office for a routine inspection.”

2. Traveled to

Appropriate Use: Used for longer or more significant journeys, often involving some distance.
Example: “She traveled to New York for the annual sales conference.”

3. Proceeded to

Appropriate Use: Formal or sequential movement towards a place, often following another action.
Example: “After the meeting, the team proceeded to the luncheon area.”

4. Headed to

Appropriate Use: A casual way of indicating direction or destination.
Example: “He headed to the client’s location for a presentation.”

5. Journeyed to

Appropriate Use: Implies a longer or more adventurous trip.
Example: “The researcher journeyed to the Arctic for a climate study.”

6. Made for

Appropriate Use: Indicates moving in a direction with a specific goal or destination in mind.
Example: “Once the decision was made, she quickly made for the exit.”

7. Went over to

Appropriate Use: Casual, often used for short distances or within the same general area.
Example: “He went over to the other department to discuss the project.”

8. Set out for

Appropriate Use: Indicates beginning a journey towards a destination.
Example: “The delegates set out for the summit early in the morning.”

9. Arrived at

Appropriate Use: Used when reaching a destination, emphasizing the completion of a journey.
Example: “The CEO arrived at the headquarters for the annual general meeting.”

10. Advanced towards

Appropriate Use: Formal or strategic movement towards a place.
Example: “The team advanced towards the conference hall for the seminar.”

11. Migrated to

Appropriate Use: Indicates moving to a place for a longer-term or permanent basis, often for work or living.
Example: “The company migrated to a new office complex downtown.”

12. Ventured to

Appropriate Use: Used for journeys that are considered adventurous or out of the ordinary.
Example: “The marketing team ventured to the rural areas for field research.”

13. Made one’s way to

Appropriate Use: General movement towards a place, implies a deliberate effort.
Example: “She made her way to the boardroom for the strategic planning session.”

14. Moved towards

Appropriate Use: Implies a gradual or deliberate movement towards a destination.
Example: “The group slowly moved towards the exhibition hall.”

15. Approached

Appropriate Use: Used when getting near to a place, often implying a more immediate or imminent arrival.
Example: “As we approached the client’s office, we reviewed our presentation one last time.”

Linda Brown