What Is Another Way to Say “Brought Down”?

Looking for synonyms for brought down? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say brought down.

  • Lowered
  • Reduced
  • Decreased
  • Diminished
  • Dropped
  • Downed
  • Fell
  • Cut
  • Depressed
  • Subdued
  • Knocked down
  • Toppled
  • Overthrown
  • Deflated
  • Downgraded
  • Lessened
  • Subtracted
  • Minimized
  • Weakened
  • Depreciated

Want to learn how to say brought down professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Lowered

Used when something is physically or metaphorically moved down.
Example: “The company lowered prices to attract more customers.”

2. Reduced

Indicates a decrease in size, amount, or degree.
Example: “The new policy reduced the amount of paperwork required.”

3. Decreased

A general term for when something becomes less in size, number, or amount.
Example: “The project’s budget was decreased due to financial constraints.”

4. Diminished

Implies a reduction in size, importance, or intensity.
Example: “His influence in the company has diminished over the years.”

5. Dropped

Used when something falls or when a level or amount decreases suddenly.
Example: “Sales dropped significantly in the fourth quarter.”

6. Downed

Colloquially used to describe something being brought down, often physically.
Example: “The storm downed power lines across the region.”

7. Fell

Indicates a decrease, often used in financial contexts.
Example: “The stock’s value fell by 10% overnight.”

8. Cut

Used to describe a reduction, often in a deliberate or controlled manner.
Example: “The government cut funding for the program.”

9. Depressed

Can describe lowering something, often used in economic contexts to indicate a downturn.
Example: “Market prices were depressed after the announcement.”

10. Subdued

Indicates making something less intense or prominent.
Example: “The new manager subdued the chaos in the department.”

11. Knocked down

Used for physically bringing something down or metaphorically reducing something.
Example: “The old building was knocked down to make way for the new development.”

12. Toppled

Describes bringing down something or someone from a position of power.
Example: “The CEO was toppled after the scandal became public.”

13. Overthrown

Used in the context of removing someone from power or position, often forcefully.
Example: “The corrupt leadership was overthrown by an internal coup.”

14. Deflated

Implies reducing or diminishing, often used in reference to egos, markets, or expectations.
Example: “Their confidence was deflated after losing the bid.”

15. Downgraded

Indicates a reduction in quality, status, or importance.
Example: “The software’s latest version was downgraded due to security concerns.”

16. Lessened

A general term for when something becomes smaller or less in amount, degree, or intensity.
Example: “The changes have lessened the impact on the environment.”

17. Subtracted

Used in numerical or quantitative contexts to indicate reduction.
Example: “The error was corrected, and the incorrect charges were subtracted from the bill.”

18. Minimized

Refers to reducing something to the smallest possible amount or degree.
Example: “The team worked to minimize risks associated with the project.”

19. Weakened

Indicates making something less strong or less influential.
Example: “The opposition’s argument was weakened by lack of evidence.”

20. Depreciated

Used primarily in financial contexts to indicate a decrease in value over time.
Example: “The equipment depreciated faster than anticipated, impacting the budget.”

Linda Brown