What Is Another Way to Say “Based Off”?

Looking for synonyms for based off? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say based off.

  • Derived from
  • Stemming from
  • Originating from
  • Inspired by
  • Rooted in
  • Built on
  • Founded on
  • Modeled on
  • Predicated on
  • Grounded in
  • Drawn from
  • Developed from
  • Evolved from
  • Springing from
  • Resulting from

Want to learn how to say based off professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Derived from

Used when something is obtained from a specific source or origin.
Example: “The methodology of our study was derived from established scientific principles.”

2. Stemming from

Indicates the origin or cause of something.
Example: “The current marketing strategy is stemming from an in-depth analysis of consumer behavior.”

3. Originating from

Refers to the initial source or origin of something.
Example: “The concept of this product is originating from traditional practices combined with modern technology.”

4. Inspired by

Used when something is influenced or motivated by another idea, person, or situation.
Example: “Our latest architectural design is inspired by the natural landscapes of the region.”

5. Rooted in

Indicates a deep foundation or basis in something.
Example: “Our company’s ethos is rooted in a commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.”

6. Built on

Describes something that is developed based on a foundation or earlier work.
Example: “The new software is built on the successes and lessons learned from previous versions.”

7. Founded on

Indicates that something is established based on certain principles or ideas.
Example: “The educational curriculum is founded on theories of experiential learning.”

8. Modeled on

Used when something is designed to resemble or replicate another system, example, or standard.
Example: “The training program is modeled on best practices from leading global corporations.”

9. Predicated on

Implies that something is based on or established from a particular premise or idea.
Example: “The argument is predicated on data that suggests a correlation between diet and health outcomes.”

10. Grounded in

Describes something that is based on solid or rational foundations.
Example: “Our approach is grounded in comprehensive market research and analysis.”

11. Drawn from

Indicates that information, ideas, or inspiration are taken from a particular source.
Example: “The guidelines for the project were drawn from international standards.”

12. Developed from

Used when something evolves or is elaborated from an initial idea or prototype.
Example: “The current policy was developed from initial proposals submitted by the community.”

13. Evolved from

Describes a process of development or change from a particular starting point.
Example: “The company’s focus on renewable energy evolved from its earlier investments in traditional energy sources.”

14. Springing from

Implies a sudden or natural emergence from a specific source or idea.
Example: “Innovations in the product line are springing from collaborative brainstorming sessions.”

15. Resulting from

Indicates the outcome or effect of a particular cause or source.
Example: “The improvements in efficiency resulting from the new software implementation are significant.”

Linda Brown