What Is Another Way to Say “Be on the Lookout”?

Looking for synonyms for be on the lookout? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say be on the lookout.

  • Keep an eye out
  • Watch out
  • Be vigilant
  • Stay alert
  • Be wary
  • Be watchful
  • Keep watch
  • Remain vigilant
  • Be cautious
  • Look out
  • Be observant
  • Stay on guard
  • Be on guard
  • Monitor closely
  • Scout for

Want to learn how to say be on the lookout professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Keep an eye out

Used in both informal and formal contexts to suggest watching carefully for something.
Example: “Keep an eye out for any updates on the client’s feedback regarding the proposal.”

2. Watch out

A general warning to be alert and cautious.
Example: “Watch out for any discrepancies in the financial reports.”

3. Be vigilant

Suggests being watchful, especially for possible danger or difficulties.
Example: “Be vigilant for any signs of security breaches in the network.”

4. Stay alert

Advises maintaining an active awareness of one’s surroundings or situation.
Example: “Stay alert to changes in market conditions that could affect our investment strategy.”

5. Be wary

Indicates being cautious about possible dangers or problems.
Example: “Be wary of any emails asking for sensitive information to avoid phishing attempts.”

6. Be watchful

Similar to being vigilant, emphasizing the need to observe carefully.
Example: “Be watchful of the project’s progress and report any delays immediately.”

7. Keep watch

Suggests continuously observing or guarding against something.
Example: “Keep watch on the competitor’s new product launch and its market reception.”

8. Remain vigilant

Emphasizes the need to continuously be on alert.
Example: “Remain vigilant for any legal changes that could impact our operations.”

9. Be cautious

Advises taking care to avoid mistakes or dangers.
Example: “Be cautious when entering into agreements with new suppliers.”

10. Look out

Warns to be attentive or to take notice of something.
Example: “Look out for the announcement of the new regulations that could affect our industry.”

11. Be observant

Encourages paying close attention to details or changes.
Example: “Be observant of how customers respond to our new marketing campaign.”

12. Stay on guard

Advises being ready to protect oneself against danger or surprise.
Example: “Stay on guard against competitive moves that could undercut our market position.”

13. Be on guard

Similar to staying on guard, emphasizing readiness for any threats.
Example: “Be on guard for any signs of dissatisfaction among key team members.”

14. Monitor closely

Suggests keeping a careful watch over something with continuous attention.
Example: “Monitor closely the progress of the ongoing maintenance work to ensure it meets safety standards.”

15. Scout for

Involves looking for something specific, often with diligence.
Example: “Scout for potential opportunities in emerging markets that align with our growth strategy.”

Linda Brown