What Is Another Way to Say “Align With”?

Looking for synonyms for align with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say align with.

  • Match
  • Correspond
  • Agree with
  • Harmonize with
  • Conform to
  • Comply with
  • Coordinate with
  • Synchronize with
  • Be in accord with
  • Mirror
  • Parallel
  • Accord with
  • Resonate with
  • Be consistent with
  • Coincide with

Want to learn how to say align with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Match

When to use: When one thing is equivalent or very similar to another.
Example: “The company’s values match my personal ethics, making it an ideal place for me to work.”

2. Correspond

When to use: When two things are similar or equivalent in some way.
Example: “The job responsibilities correspond closely with my previous experience.”

3. Agree with

When to use: When one’s ideas or opinions are in harmony with another’s.
Example: “I agree with the new direction our team is taking on sustainability.”

4. Harmonize with

When to use: When different elements are brought into a pleasing or consistent whole.
Example: “The new regulations should harmonize with existing legal frameworks to avoid conflict.”

5. Conform to

When to use: Adapting to follow rules, standards, or norms.
Example: “Our products conform to the highest industry standards for quality and safety.”

6. Comply with

When to use: Following orders, rules, or requests.
Example: “All operations comply with international health and safety regulations.”

7. Coordinate with

When to use: When actions or policies are organized to work together effectively.
Example: “The marketing and sales departments need to coordinate with each other to maximize efficiency.”

8. Synchronize with

When to use: Occurring at the same time or rate; being in sync.
Example: “The software updates are designed to synchronize with the most current operating systems.”

9. Be in accord with

When to use: Being in agreement or harmony.
Example: “The company’s practices are in accord with our commitment to social responsibility.”

10. Mirror

When to use: Reflecting or closely resembling another.
Example: “The subsidiary’s operational procedures mirror those of the parent company.”

11. Parallel

When to use: Being similar or comparable in some way.
Example: “Her career path parallels the company’s growth over the past decade.”

12. Accord with

When to use: Being in agreement or conformity.
Example: “The new policy accords with our efforts to improve workplace diversity.”

13. Resonate with

When to use: Eliciting a positive response or agreement.
Example: “The CEO’s vision for the future resonates with employees across the organization.”

14. Be consistent with

When to use: Showing steady conformity to a set of standards.
Example: “The findings of the report are consistent with our expectations.”

15. Coincide with

When to use: Occurring at the same time or having a position or perspective in common.
Example: “The software launch is planned to coincide with the industry conference next month.”

Linda Brown