Another Way to Say “Thank You for Your Cooperation”

You want to express your gratitude when a client or someone else at work has shown graciousness and understanding.

But is it appropriate to say thank you for your cooperation in a work email?

In this article, we’ll answer that question. In addition, we’ll show you what to say instead of thank you for your cooperation when this phrase starts to feel worn out.

9 Alternative Ways to Say “Thank You for Your Cooperation”

Below, you’ll find 9 other ways to say thank you for your cooperation in an email:

  • Your cooperation is most appreciated
  • Thank you for your patience
  • Thank you for your attention
  • Thank you for your willingness to cooperate
  • I appreciate your understanding
  • Thanks for your help
  • Many thanks for your continued support
  • Thanks for understanding
  • We appreciate your time

1. Your Cooperation Is Most Appreciated

Your cooperation is most appreciated is a direct synonym for thank you for your cooperation.

Therefore, you can use this phrase to make your email to a client sound more personal and less like a routine message.

Like the original phrase, this one expresses appreciation to the receiver without apologizing or accepting blame for the issue they are facing.

Therefore, it is a very effective alternative if you want to sound sincere while still displacing responsibility somewhat.

Have a look at how we’ve used this phrase in an email example:

Dear Miss Flores,

In order to resolve your query, I will need you to fill in the statement attached below.

Your cooperation is most appreciated.

Willem Jenkins

2. Thank You for Your Patience

If you work in customer service, you can use the phrase thank you for patience when you have kept a client waiting while trying to resolve an error.

Alternatively, you may use this phrase to preemptively thank the client for their patience while letting them know that resolving their error may take some time.

This is a common way to indirectly ask for patience in a professional email.

See the email sample below:

Dear Ms. Courtwell,

I have received your request and will forward it to the relevant department.

Thank you for your patience so far.

Naledi Lekota

3. Thank You for Your Attention

Another way to say thank you for your cooperation to your employees is to say thank you for your attention.

This is a great phrase to use at the end of an announcement or informative email to the members of your organization at large.

Essentially, this phrase thanks the recipient for reading and taking note of the content of your email.

To see what we mean, check out the example below:

Dear All,

Please be advised that Room 17 will be closed due to a leak.

All meetings scheduled therein must be relocated.

Thank you for your attention.

Jenna Winston

4. Thank You for Your Willingness to Cooperate

The phrase thank you for your willingness to cooperate comes across as polite and highly sincere.

This is a good phrase to use if solving a client’s problem requires that they actively participate in some way.

For example, they may need to provide some information or go through a step-by-step process to resolve their issue with your guidance.

This proactive response from a client takes patience and an understanding of your limitations as a service provider.

Unfortunately, this level of patience is often scarce, so it’s essential to express your gratitude when a client is willing to help you help them.

Let’s see a sample email that includes this phrase:

Dear Mr. Tanaka,

Your profile has been reactivated.

Thank you for your willingness to cooperate on this matter.

Kind regards,
Fabian Dusk

5. I Appreciate Your Understanding

Another potential synonym for thank you for your cooperation is I appreciate your understanding.

You can use this phrase in an email to your employer when you are explaining why an error occurred, why you have failed to meet a deadline, or why you will need to take time off from work altogether.

This phrase preemptively thanks your employer for accepting your personal circumstances, which may appear risky, but is a standard courtesy in the realm of business etiquette.

Therefore, have a look at this email example to see this phrase in action:

Dear Ms. Markovic,

Due to technical difficulties beyond my expertise, I have had to refer this issue to the IT department so that it can be resolved more effectively.

I appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Sebastian Swan

6. Thanks for Your Help

Thanks for your help is an informal alternative that you can use in an email to a colleague with whom you have a friendly dynamic.

If you have a close relationship with your office fellows, you can generally do away with the formalities and unnecessary email etiquette.

Thus, when a coworker has assisted you with something, you can simply thank them casually.

For example:

Hi Jen,

Thanks for your help with the report.

I think your knowledge of investment treaties saved the day!

All the best,

7. Many Thanks for Your Continued Support

Perhaps your organization is working on a long-term project of some kind, and this project relies on the financial and social support of the public and your clientele.

You could say thank you for your cooperation to all clients who have donated or supported your company in this endeavor.

However, a better phrase in these circumstances is many thanks for your continued support.

This phrase is formal, sincere, and perfect for a general announcement email going out to your long-term clients.

Have a look at the following email sample:

Dear Mrs. Olivette,

Many thanks for your continued support of our GoGreen initiative.

With your help, we have planted over 1800 trees.

Warm regards,
Catherine Harrington, Head of [Company Name]

8. Thanks for Understanding

You can say thanks for understanding in a casual email to a colleague with whom you are close.

This phrase is most suited for when you are letting the other person down. For instance, perhaps you were working on a project together and you are unable to meet with them as planned.

This phrase comes across as friendly and polite, so it’s suitable if you want to maintain a good rapport with your coworker.

For instance:

Hi Craig,

I won’t be able to meet this afternoon; I’ve been called in to deal with a client emergency.

Thanks in advance for understanding, and I’ll make it to the next one!

All the best,

9. We Appreciate Your Time

Another good professional way to say thank you for your cooperation is we appreciate your time.

The use of “we” implies that you are speaking on your company’s behalf.

Therefore, this is a good phrase to use when you have asked a client to perform some action for the benefit of your organization.

For example, many businesses will ask their customers to provide feedback in a survey to rate their business’s customer care.

To see what we mean, check out this example:

Dear Miss Anise,

Thank you for visiting [Company Name].

Please rate your experience at our branch using the link below.

We appreciate your time.

The [Company Name] Team

Is It Correct to Say “Thank You for Your Cooperation”?

It is correct to say thank you for your cooperation to your employees or clients when they have exercised patience and understanding during an inconvenience.

This phrase is certainly not rude. In fact, it is used to show appreciation in business emails.

However, it is also used by businesses to avoid accountability when they are responsible for a problem you are facing. Therefore, although this phrase isn’t rude, it can sometimes feel a tad cheeky!

Let’s see two email examples making use of this phrase.

First, we’ll look at an announcement email going out to a company’s employees.

Dear Staff,

We are investigating the system error experienced this morning and should resume activity in the next hour.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Lillian Bartlett

Next, let’s see an email to a client facing a problem with a company’s services:

Dear Mr. Shawn,

I have resolved the error on your account, and you should be able to access it now.

I would like to thank you for your cooperation and support throughout this endeavor.

Kind regards,
Vanessa Quinn

To avoid any embarrassing mistakes in the future, let’s look at a common error people make when employing this phrase:

Mistake: Saying collaboration instead of cooperation

  • Incorrect: Thank you for your collaboration.
  • Correct: Thank you for your cooperation.

“Collaboration” is defined as “working with someone to produce something.” Therefore, in this context, saying “collaboration” is a malapropism and an embarrassing error in a professional email.

Although saying thank you for your cooperation in a work email is correct, this phrase is fairly standardized. Therefore, using it over and over again may come across as insincere.

As such, you can use one of the alternative phrases from our list to avoid repetition and keep your professional emails diverse.

Kahlan House