6 Words to Replace “I Am” in a Resume

If you’re looking for another way to say I am in your job application, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s suitable to use I am in your resume or cover letter in general.

After that, we’ll consider 7 other words and phrases that you can use to avoid repetition of the phrase I am and keep your application engaging.

Is “I Am” a Good Resume Phrase?

I am is a perfectly good phrase to use when you are discussing your qualifications and personal interests in your resume.

In short, you can use this phrase to talk about yourself.

It’s essential to give the hiring manager or prospective employer some insight into what kind of person you are.

After all, this will ultimately show what kind of employee you will be.

This phrase is neither formal nor informal. In fact, it is a very context-specific phrase.

Therefore, the overall tone of your resume will depend not on whether you use I am but how you use it.

Below, we’ve drafted two faux cover letter snippets to illustrate how you can use this phrase in practice:

As a result of my experience in customer service, I am good at talking to people and understanding their needs.

I am eager to work at a firm that shares my interest in sustainability.

Although the phrase I am is correct and suitable to include in your CV, you must exercise caution and avoid using it too frequently.

After all, this phrase is rather standardized and a resume full of repetitive statements won’t be engaging to read.

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms to shake up the phrasing in any application.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “I Am”

Below, you’ll find 6 different ways to talk about yourself in your resume without saying I am:

  • I have
  • It is
  • My
  • I can
  • I would
  • There are
  • I hold

1. I Have

If you’re not sure what to say instead of I am in your job application, you should consider the benefit of talking less about you personally and more about what you can bring to the table.

You can use the phrase I have to discuss the skills and qualifications you possess.

This will help you avoid the repetition of I am. Moreover, it will directthe reader’s attention to your valuable experiences and interests.

To see what we mean, consider this example:

I have a keen interest in graphic design and fine art, and when these interests are coupled with my marketing experience, I am able to create eye-catching and well-composed logos.

2. It Is

A good formal synonym that you can use to replace an I am statement in your CV or cover letter is it is.

You can use this phrase to reformulate your sentence and discuss the things that have inspired or impacted you throughout your career.

This also serves to make the phrasing in your application more passive.

This will give your application a more formal and sophisticated tone of voice, which is ideal if the role you are applying for is a more formal one in general.

For instance:

It is my experience as a social worker that has made me most passionate about the need for a humanitarian approach in all criminal cases.

It is clear from my university results that I am academically inclined and capable of managing my time efficiently.

3. My

If you’re looking for another word for I am that you can use to discuss your interests, experience, and how all of the above has shaped you, try starting your sentence with my.

This synonym will keep your application more personal, which is especially suitable if you are applying for a people-centered role.

In a smaller business or a charitable organization, the person reading your application will want to understand you and your intentions at a personal level.

Therefore, using my to discuss your interest in the role will help keep your unique personality at the forefront.

Let’s see this alternative in a couple of examples:

My skills include public speaking, social media management, and group advocacy organization.

My previous experience as an event organizer makes me confident that I will thrive in a project management role.

4. I Can

You can use the phrase I can to talk about your capabilities and how they will serve you in the role for which you are applying.

This is extremely useful for a cover letter.

After all, a particular skill may not be entirely necessary for a certain job.

However, to mention any skill or ability you have acquired will show that you have discipline and are tenacious and patient enough to learn.

Have a look at the example below:

I can speak three languages fluently, which will certainly assist me considering your company’s diverse client base.

5. I Would

Another synonym that you can use to replace I am, especially when discussing your future at a company, is I would.

The phrase I would is useful if you would like to discuss your aspirations in your cover letter.

Namely, you can mention your goals broadly or discuss your hopes for the future relating to the job in question.

You can use I am for the same purpose, but the use of “would” allows you to express concisely what you would do if your application were successful.

Check out this example:

I would be very interested in participating in your cross-department training program if I were to be hired here.

6. There Are

You can use the phrase there are as a more passive version of the alternative above.

For example, if you are applying for a very formal role and want your application to include less personal phrasing, you can use there are to discuss your goals more impartially.

This phrase is significantly less diverse than the original, and there are only a few sentence structures that suit it.

However, it will certainly help you if you want to maintain a passive voice in your application.

The best way to explain what we mean is to use a few examples:

There are a number of personal and professional goals that I aim to pursue over the next five years, and I am convinced that your organization is the right fit for this.

Despite my years of training in this field, there are a number of topics that I am keen to learn about, and I believe your organization has the resources to aid me in this.

7. I Hold

Our final synonym is I hold, and you can use these words to replace I am in your resume when you want to discuss your academic qualifications in detail.

Essentially, I hold is another way to discuss the skills or knowledge that you possess.

However, this phrase is usually used to discuss the academic degrees or diplomas you have achieved at school.

Your college or university results are incredibly important to mention, especially if you are a new entrant to the working world.

Therefore, let’s see an example with this alternative in tow:

I hold a master’s degree in political science, which I obtained with distinction last year.

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