What Is Another Way to Say “It Is Worth Mentioning”?

Are you worried about using it is worth mentioning in your formal writing?

Perhaps you’re concerned the phrase is informal or rude.

Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about it.

This article will teach you other ways to say it is worth mentioning. Then, you’ll have plenty of options ready to help you sound as formal as possible.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “It Is Worth Mentioning”

You can review these alternatives to learn what to use instead of it is worth mentioning:

  • It is noteworthy
  • It’s important to note
  • I’d like to highlight
  • It is of note
  • On that
  • I should point out

1. It Is Noteworthy

To start with, we recommend using it is noteworthy as another term for it is worth mentioning.

This is an effective phrase that works well in formal writing. So, you can use it when writing an assignment.

Generally, it’s good if you’re teacher is reading your work. It lets them know what they should pay attention to if they want to get the most out of your work.

Feel free to review these examples to learn more about it:

It is noteworthy that these two things happened at the same time. I’m sure this is relevant to the overall plot.

I believe it is noteworthy that this is the only way to complete the task. Therefore, I’d like to review the procedure.

2. It’s Important to Note

You can write it’s important to note instead of it is worth mentioning. This is a great way to remain professional and sincere.

It shows that you have something very important to share with a recipient.

Generally, this ensures they’re paying attention when reading the rest of your writing. So, you can use it when contacting an employee.

It works quite well in a formal email, as it shows that you need someone’s attention quickly.

Feel free to review this example to learn more about it:

Dear Russell,

It’s important to note that we’ve already looked into our options here.

Please review them in the attachment and let me know what you think.

All the best,
Sean Grimes

3. I’d Like to Highlight

We also recommend using I’d like to highlight as another way to say it is worth mentioning.

This works wonders as a direct and engaging phrase. So, you can use it when writing an essay.

Technically, it’s quite formal. However, it also shows that you want to share something specifically for the reader.

Including I’d like to makes it a more personal phrase. It shows your intentions and lets the reader know what to expect.

You should review these examples to learn more about how to use it:

I’d like to highlight that these are the best ways to move forward. Therefore, one of them will be selected in the conclusion.

I’d like to highlight that I’ve already reviewed these products. I think it’s worth going back to look through that.

4. It Is of Note

Next, you can write it is of note. This is a great professional alternative that’s a little more unique than some of the other options.

It works really well when capturing a reader’s imagination. It tells them that they should be paying close attention to the next thing you tell them about.

So, feel free to use it when engaging a professor. It can work well when writing a thesis. You’ll have a very easy time keeping the reader entertained when using a phrase like this one.

Check out these examples to learn more:

It is of note that I have considered each variable in great detail. I believe I’ve found the best way to continue.

It is of note that this is how the experiment should continue. Therefore, I will focus my studies on this.

5. On That

You can also write on that instead of it is worth mentioning.

This is an effective phrase to use in formal situations. For instance, you can use it when emailing your employees.

It’s quite a bossy phrase. It suggests that you have something important to share, so you’d like the attention of everyone currently reading through your email.

Generally, this is only going to work when you’re the boss. At the very least, you need to rank slightly higher than the people you are emailing.

If you’re still unsure how it works, you can review the following email sample:

Dear Maria,

I would like you to get moving with this project immediately.

On that, you should also have a few ideas of coworkers to select for your team.

Danny Treadmill

6. I Should Point Out

Finally, you can use I should point out. This is a great personal synonym that works well in formal or academic writing.

Therefore, it’s an excellent way to start a sentence in an essay.

Generally, it’ll let the reader know what to expect from you. It allows you to share a personal opinion, which could be a good way to get the reader on your side.

So, feel free to use it when writing a thesis for a teacher. It’ll show them that you’ve considered something in great length and would like to raise a valid point.

If you’re still not sure how you should use this one, review these examples:

I should point out that I’ve already considered every viable option. So, I believe I’ve settled on one of the most useful ones.

I should point out that this is the only way I’m willing to advance. Therefore, it will be the main focus of this writing.

Is It Correct to Say “It Is Worth Mentioning”?

It is worth mentioning is correct to say in formal contexts.

It’s a great phrase that shows you’re offering more information to the reader. Generally, this is a helpful way to keep your readers engaged and provide information when necessary.

It tends to work best when sharing an afterthought. So, it might not be the most important piece of information, but it’s still something you’d like to share.

You should review this email sample to learn more about it:

Dear Team,

I appreciated your attendance at the meeting this morning.

It is worth mentioning that there will be a follow-up meeting next week.

Doris Wilkinson

You can also use it when writing a school assignment. For example:

It is worth mentioning there are more ways to complete this project. I have explored a few options.

However, it’s best to avoid making simple mistakes when writing this phrase. Otherwise, you could end up sounding a bit bizarre when trying to write something as simple as this.

Mistake: Using to mention instead of mentioning

  • Correct: It is worth mentioning
  • Incorrect: It is worth to mention

It’s never correct to use to mention. It’s the wrong verb form, so avoid it!

George O'Connor